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  1. Burrows going to the Ducks too then?
  2. Well Greece represent less than 2% GDP in the EU. Better sure Greece needs the EU, more than EU needs Greece. Its a game of chicken, who is willing to budge first.
  3. Then build a snowman afterwards
  4. No such thing as guaranteed making the playoffs.
  5. They also beat the Lames to win their Stanley Cup
  6. Props to you for continue to support! EsPecially in hostile territory
  7. Attaboy Juice!
  8. Has Canucks thrown a hit yet?
  9. Cause I didn't have a car two years ago? Couldn't afford it
  10. Where can I buy myself a canucks flag for the car? Show my support
  11. 2-2 on this road trip. pretty good effort. Wrap it up at home!
  12. How about Canucks holding onto leads heading in the third? You know they are going to give up the game tying goal...
  13. As long as Kings face the Ducks in the 1st round. I am all for that!
  14. You can try roulette by playing the outside game. Putting 2 bets on either 1-12 13-24 25-36. Say putting $5 on both 1-12 23-24. If you hit, you will net $5. If you don't, then place triple the amount. Say $15 on two batches again. You will need deep pockets to do so and the casino limits you to $1000 outside.