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  1. Burrows going to the Ducks too then?
  2. Well Greece represent less than 2% GDP in the EU. Better sure Greece needs the EU, more than EU needs Greece. Its a game of chicken, who is willing to budge first.
  3. Then build a snowman afterwards
  4. No such thing as guaranteed making the playoffs.
  5. Happened twice.. 1994 and 2011 where we won game 1
  6. Rangers played 20 games... just 1 less than the Kings. I say Kings in 4
  7. La Kings too good. Just wrap it up in Chicago.
  8. Kings in 6. Too deep of a team
  9. I'll say Philly in 6. Plus, I want to see Pens vs Flyers next round
  10. Hodgson has 16g 20a with a total of 36 points. Not to mention -22.
  11. Big game tomorrow.
  12. Fixed