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  1. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    Happened twice.. 1994 and 2011 where we won game 1
  2. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    Rangers played 20 games... just 1 less than the Kings. I say Kings in 4
  3. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    La Kings too good. Just wrap it up in Chicago.
  4. PDSF: (2) San Jose Sharks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    Kings in 6. Too deep of a team
  5. MDSF: (2) New York Rangers vs (3) Philadelphia Flyers

    I'll say Philly in 6. Plus, I want to see Pens vs Flyers next round
  6. [GDT] ANA - 3/29/14 - 7PM

    Hodgson has 16g 20a with a total of 36 points. Not to mention -22.
  7. GDT Canucks @ Colorado March 27th 6:00 pm PT

    Big game tomorrow.
  8. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game


    Called Rogers the other day, says she would put a note on my account saying I was affected with the malfunctioning... Wonder if they would knock off $5 or something on my next bill?
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Oh wow. last time i checked, he was at -265. It's been a while and it just keeps going up!
  11. OMG Earthquake?

    A powerful earthquake has hit north-east Japan, exactly one month after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The 7.1-magnitude tremor triggered a brief tsunami warning, and forced workers to evacuate the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The epicentre of the quake was in Fukushima prefecture, and struck at a depth of just 10km (six miles). It came as Japan said it was extending the evacuation zone around the nuclear plant because of radiation concerns. The cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were damaged in last month's disaster. Workers have been struggling to prevent several reactors from overheating, and avert a large-scale release of radiation. The plant's operator, Tepco, said power used to pump water to cool three damaged reactors had been cut briefly but early indications suggested the plant had not sustained any further damage. The zone around it will be widened to encompass five communities beyond the existing 20-km (12-mile) radius, following new data about accumulated radiation levels, officials said. Top government spokesman Yukio Edano said the new evacuations would take place over the coming month, from areas including Iitate village, which lies 40km from the power station, and part of the city of Kawamata. "There is no need to evacuate immediately," he told a news conference, but added that there were concerns about long-term health risks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13032122 Just devastating.

    I have the 9700 bold and i think the battery life is fine... I charge it roughly every 2-3 days. And i browse the internet quite a bit.. how do you use your bb ?

    Jumped on the bb bandwagon 2 months ago, and LOVED it ever since. The bbm system is like live msn with other bb users. I was just wondering, is it a good idea to download songs and put it in your bb or is it better to just keep it in your mp3 to avoid wasting space?
  14. OMG Heat Wave?

    I hope that weather prediction is correct... seems to be pretty cold at the moment still