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  1. Thank-you for the thoughts Joe :). Amd i'm not too sure what i'm doing after graduation yet. Hopefully go to college/university and then having a career in sports (commentary/repoting etc.)

  2. I agree, Rashad has no chance against Shogun. I can't wait to see Shogun kick his @ss.
  3. I guess that when I see two guys that hate eachother this much I figured that they would stand up and try and knock eachother out. Both of them were saying in their pre-fight interviews that they wanted to knock the other guy out. It seemed like Rampage was trying to for most of the fight. But it's pretty difficult to do that when Rashad keeps backing away from him and holding him up against the cage.
  4. Rashad fought like a b!tch. Me and my friends were pretty pissed off that we paid money to watch Rashad run away from Rampage for most of the fight.. All he did was push him up against the cage and try to make Rampage tired. And whenever they were standing up Rampage would keep moving in on Rashad and he kept moving away. Me and my friends were thinking that Dana White is probably pretty choked after watching what Rashad Evans did tonight. Oh well, Shogun will hopefully knock Rashad out in the first round unless Rashad fights like he did against Rampage. Than Shogun will probably have to chase him down to knock him out..
  5. I hope the Canucks get Kovalchuk too

  6. My top three for each class AR: 1. ACR/ 2. Scar-H/ 3. Tar21 SMG: 1. UMP45/ 2. Mini-Uzi/ 3. Vector LMG: 1. RPD/ 2. Aug-HBar/ 3. M240 Sniper: 1. Barret .50cal/ 2. Intervention/ 3. M21 EBR And my favourite secondary weapon is the M93 Raffica. Akimbo Raffica's are deadly. Ranger shotguns are a close second. Akimbo Rangers are crazy.
  9. Hopefully CBC has the All-Access Camera on, so we can watch the fights on TV and the Canucks game on the computer.
  10. I really hate when people Nuke boost.
  11. Down With Webster have a lot of good songs actually.
  12. Awesome song
  13. Ahahaha sweet. I love that kid, he's the best part of the show