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  1. .500 Cali trip this year should be doable.
  2. I'm really over Dorsett. Loved the pick up at first, but now I think I would rather give Etem his spot on the steady roster. Especially if he can do well in SO opportunities. We could use solid SO studs. Too many one goal/tied up games last year.
  3. I had Brayden last year in my fantasy league. He is a beast. We need guys like him.
  4. So why can't we get some help with that via trades and FA's?
  5. Get the Schenn Bros. They are mean SOB's. Brayden will be a 30 goal scorer either this year or next with Phili. Try and trade for him, sign Luke for cheap. B Schenn can slot into that first line once the Twins retire and we would have a real slick fast and choppy top 6. Luke Schenn and Gudy would be a pain in the ass pairing for anyone to deal with on the PK.
  6. Dude, seriously? You're saying that all it takes is a #1 Dman and a great first line to be a contender? The rest of the team can be plugs? You're huffing some strong stuff bud.
  7. Luke Schenn would be a good 3rd pair shut down grit Dman. He's still super young and probably a better option than Sbisa. 2M cap hit hopefully... Could be solid for cheap. I'm just worried about depth barring unforeseen injuries that may or may not happen.
  8. Suck it Chicago!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Oh YEAH ! Eat it CHI TOWN !

  9. The sky isn't falling...

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Only for the Debbie downers lol I hope they have strong helmets :P

  10. Are you going to the game at the Saddle on the 12th?

  11. buddaaaaay! first place!

  12. get a hobby. You have 30 posts per day and make threads about meaning less crap.

  13. take down that sig already.

  14. Yo man. What's good. You still coming over to watch the game tommorow?

  15. Don't post dumb crap buddy. It makes you look like you have no reason to be here.