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  1. He could still skate tho haha. Not saying it's all on the trainers but kind of concerning.
  2. It's happened to Virtanen, Juolevi, Hutton, Hansen etc.... dont see it happening to any other teams....
  3. I'm worried our trainers are going to tell Petterson to bulk up like they did Virtanen and Juolevi, which made them play terrible. Even Hansen bulked up a bunch one season and lost a step, some of this has to be on our training staff, happening too much lately.
  4. That is the softest 2nd line and would get destroyed.
  5. I still can't believe he turned out. Always thought he was going to bust.
  6. Winger? How's Jankowski doing this season anyways
  7. Yeah it's ridiculous, Gaudreau is 157, Marner 175, P kane 178, Ennis 175, lots of guys who are small and very successful in the league. I know some of those are elite players, but Petterson has that kind of skill imo.
  8. I feel like people are underrating Goldobin. He has elite offensive ability and probably the best hand eye on our team, besides Boeser imo. He's still really young, his defensive game and puck pursuit will improve I'm sure.
  9. You're getting annoying.
  10. Yeah it'd be almost impossible for him not to add atleast 10 pounds once he's matured. Which would put him at 177. Around the same weight as Kane, Marner, etc, and like 20 pounds heavier than Gaudreau. I still expect him to easily make it to atleast 180/185 which is fine in the new NHL and for the type of game he plays. Look at how much Juolevi gained in one season/off season.
  11. Petterson would put up some pretty good numbers if he played in the CHL imo. His hands and play making ability remind me a bit of Drouin and Marner. I think he makes the team in 2 years. Quite a few players playing in the NHL right now between 155-180 pounds.
  12. Agreed Sedin-Sedin-Sutter Eriksson-Horvat-Burrows Baertschi-Granlund-Dorsett would be my lines right now
  13. Does anyone know where to get a millionaires jersey in Vancouver?

    Going to the home opener from the okanagan and can't find them anywhere here.

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    2. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      Team store doesn't have them. Okay thx I'll try jersey city, one in Kelowna said they don't carry em anymore and sportchek didn't have them here I'll try metro tho thanks 

    3. Squamfan


      i saw one in sportschek few weeks ago in metro

    4. Erik Karlsson
  14. The vid of the rookies making the team is up!