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  1. How is Megna getting so much ice time and why isn't Boucher playing? Would be the game to finally put him in, against his former team. You know he's most likely going to play good. WD really needs to go before next season.....
  2. I used to watch every game, but can't remember the last time I've watched a full one. The NHL as a whole is kinda boring now imo, compared to jr hockey and especially the world jrs. There's too much structure and coaching and not enough creativity or big hits or rivalries or anything anymore. Remember Bertuzzi's rivalries with Jackman and Phaneuf? Kesler and Iginla, etc. There's nothing like that anymore in the NHL.
  3. Which is why I said "right now"
  4. Benning is great at scouting young players but our pro scouting is pretty bad. Eriksson, Clendening, Vey, Larsen, even Gudbranson have been busts so far. I expect Gudbranson to pick it up, but if we pay him 5+ like the reports are saying that is ridiculous imo for the season he's had so far. He provides 0 offense, his skating needs work and so does his defensive game. He rarely even throws a big hit anymore. I feel like he will become a solid #4 guy, but really hope we give him a bridge deal or something. Even most Chicago fans knew how slow and soft Clendening was. The game is moving more and more towards speed, our management should know this. Don't mind the Vey trade, he was ripping it up in the A, just didn't work out. Not sure how anyone can support this Eriksson deal though. If it was 4 years that's fine, but 6!? He's slow af already, how slow is he going to be 2 years from now, nvm 5 or 6.
  5. Pretty sure Boeser was injured the whole time and it just kept getting worse. Makes you wonder how good he really is when he's 100% healthy.
  6. Agreed. Everything about the Canucks right now is just a mess.
  7. Sedin-Horvat-Sedin Stecher-Hutton One timers available for the d. Stecher can be in the old Sami Salo spot and Hank can set him up all day like he used to with Salo.... Horvat is great at tipping and was used quite a bit in this role in jrs.... Why this hasn't been tried yet? Who knows... Still boggles my mind that Virtanen wasn't used on the left side on the power play when he was up. He loves sniping from that side and scored once or twice from there when he did get a chance on the pp.... like ive said many times, the deployment of our players are terrible most of the time. and Baertschi being scratched? How longs it going to take for them to realize he plays a north/south game and isn't suited for the cycle game. Play him with some players who complement his style and watch him put up points... Hopefully they stick Rodin with him once he's back. This team is so frustrating to watch.
  8. And the coach refusing to try Virtanen on the left wing when that's where he's scored the majority of his goals throughout his career. They want a big right hand shot on the power play, yet never tried Virtanen on the left point or half boards where he loves to snipe from. They don't even put Stecher on the left side where he can rip one timers from. I honestly don't know what goes through our coaches heads sometimes. Sami salo anyone? Played left point.....
  9. Technically I was still right.
  10. Didn't watch the game but let me guess Stamkos was a complete non factor? Most overrated player imo.
  11. I've been saying this since last season, he needs to play left wing. The shooting angle for a rh shot on the left wing is way better. He played left wing in jr when he had that 45 goal season. Even in the world jrs all his goals came from the left side of the ice. The style of game he plays is similar to Ovi's, and where does Ovi play? Left wing. Boggles my mind he hasn't been tried there yet.
  12. He just needs to play less minutes... I hate how most players are deployed on this team.
  13. Agreed Sedin-Sedin-Sutter Eriksson-Horvat-Burrows Baertschi-Granlund-Dorsett would be my lines right now
  14. Why did he have to be recalled to get his stuff? Doesn't really make sense to me, but not much does with this coaching and management..
  15. Yeah for sure. I'm really hoping we trade Tanev for some scoring.