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  1. I like this path for a late rounder. Physically this guy is ready for NA, SHL is a damn good league to work on his skills in.
  2. Also, I'm certain Team USA and probably Team Canada are scouting the NCAA heavily right now. So maybe Granato hasn't seen him personally but his scouts are reporting in about Gaudette.
  3. this is what i'm talking about
  4. When are people going to learn that sports radio is as real as pro wrestling. their job is sensationalism. they stir you all up because it's easier to get angry fans to tune in to disagree than to attempt to make the listeners happy regurgitating homer-ish opinions. Don't get me wrong; i think TSN 1040 is as hack as it gets. It's just that it isn't much different from the majority of sports talk radio in general.
  5. 3 points in 2 games isn't that impressive.
  6. Roy was great for Buffalo for awhile. I always remember rick jeanneret saying "Derek Roy top shelf! where mama hides the cookies!"
  7. can anyone fill us in on how pouliot was this preseason? also a former player of Travis Green.
  8. 48 how do you suppose we'd get waiver pick ups down to the A?
  9. I like all the righties but Quinn Hughes is another highly intriguing defenseman out of this draft. Right now, it's hard to see the Canucks not picking one of the top D.
  10. why play at a quasi pro level when you can play at a pro pro level? New year, new challenges.
  11. The idea would be to loan him to a European club to play against professionals. Olli is too advanced for juniors another year.
  12. Or he could end up signing with a different SHL team. I think they truly intend to decide after training camp. Young stars could possibly be enough of an indication to make a decision if Dahlen plays extremely well.
  13. no scrimmage for lockwood. did he leave the camp early?
  14. Since @UticaHockeyis so cranky I have no problem saying this. The farm is there to feed the famine. Utica is getting good fringe NHLers this year for the top of the roster to start the year, and then those guys are going to be gone for stretches to help the big club. Just like every year. One of the only teams you see consistently signing really good AHL players is the chicago wolves and they haven't done much in awhile. There are some actual scoring prospects in the system now. Those guys plus more fringe NHLers will make for a stronger roster in Utica this year. I don't see any need for urgency in regards to signing more AHL depth.