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  1. He could be in the rotation in Utica any time, having been drafted out of Europe. I wonder if this means they feel he’ll be ready for that after this season.
  2. wow this guy is going to ride shotgun with Bo soon
  3. I just watched jack Rathbones highlights from the Harvard twitter and they have super HD crystal clear video and then there's this.
  4. I vaguely remember what you’re talking about but what I took it to mean was that the two players were rated closely. I believe the canucks separate forwards and defenseman and work off of at least two ranking lists. So if they were really high on hayton, at max, they would have had him ranked #2 on the forwards list (I don’t think anyone would dispute svechnikov was the best forward). I believe it’s safe to assume that Quinn was also ranked 2 on the defenseman list. Given that team need gives the edge to drafting a defenseman and the fact that top pair defensemen are harder to acquire, I don’t see how the canucks would have taken hayton over Hughes if they were both available. I do believe they would have taken hayton over zadina if it played out that way, however.
  5. haha yeah. these hughes' are wired for hockey
  6. thank you Arizona. without them this isn't possible
  7. never thought he would be available! this is best case scenario for me
  8. I would totally play hockey in Australia
  9. Moving the puck with purpose and confidence. Looking good as a 2 or 3 line wing. Whoda thunk it
  10. i think without any additions to the forwards, the canucks are going to have to make a line up that is not a traditional top 6 & bottom 6. its more like a top 3 and bottom 9.
  11. We basically have a thread for a guy that is just going to school at Yale haha
  12. Yeah, most likely stays in the AHL during his tenure with the org. I like this move a lot more than a revolving door of ECHLers though.
  13. possibly injured for the whole year. I don't think anyone has been able to find out what exactly is going on.