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  1. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    He's easily my favorite announcer!  loses his mind over goals and his comments always crack me up.  When he does the Vancouver-Buffalo game he drives me crazy with how he pronounces some of the Canucks names hahah
  2. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Watched the USA U-18 team over the weekend.  Bellows, Keller, and Fox all stood out to me.  Keller especially from a skill stand point.  Bellows really played with an edge (as a fan of the hometown team they were playing against; I was really starting to dislike the kid )  Fox played a very intelligent game, made a lot of good smart plays.  Depending on where they end up in the rankings, wouldn't mind drafting any of them. Campoli looked good too.  Size and an all around solid game. Greenway and Krys caught my attention a few times as well but the 3 forwards mentioned about stole the show for me.
  3. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    yep.  needs some time to acclimate.  might not get any games this callup.  it happens.
  4. Brock Boeser Talk

    I didn't forget about Datsyuk.  But when I'm talking about midwestern fans; Detroit is a 9 hour drive compared to just under 4 to St. Paul.  The Wild tend to be more popular in my area than Detroit.
  5. Brock Boeser Talk

    Most kids that played hockey in the midwest from 2000-09 look up to Gaborik in a big big way.  I think NHL fans tend to forget how good Gaborik was with the Wild.  In that time, there really wasn't a better player to watch in this part of the country.
  6. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    and committed to BU which is about as good as it gets for NCAA players. 
  7. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    as well as expressing interest in signing with Vancouver.  Just keeping his options open.  It would be a bad move on his part to say he wouldn't re-sign with the team he's currently playing for.
  8. Brock Boeser Talk

    They add NCAA players a lot, easier for the coaches to keep an eye on those guys compared to CHLers.
  9. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    would be great to get him and rodin on the Utica roster to finish the season.  would be really nice to have a look at both of them with the Comets. 
  10. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Raddysh seems more JBs type though it would be dumb not to keep an eye on a guy as talented as Debrincat too.
  11. 2015 31 Draft Picks From USHL

    Nice to see the USHL getting some recognition.  this most recent group stands out but its been a solid league for years.
  12. Anton Rödin Talk

    Benning will get the memo I'm quite sure of it.
  13. Jordan Subban Talk

    Seems like he's just adjusting.  They could have sent him down if they didn't want him in the A after all.  
  14. Darren Archibald Talk

    I'm hoping he can earn an AHL deal.  I was happy to see him go off the NHL contract books but I've always liked him on the AHL team.
  15. Ashton Sautner Talk

    celebartion got a little nutty haha at least their enthusiastic.  Seems like Sautner is kind of the "forgotten prospect" this year.  I would have thought McEneny was going to be the guy to stick with Utica this year other than Subban.  Interested to see follow the rest of his first pro season.  He's relatively unknown to us given how new he is to the prospect pool.