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  1. look for his International highlights to see him remain the best skater on the ice against quality competition.
  2. what you described is how trade deadline trades work. you have players that you likely wont resign next year so you trade them before their contract runs out. every GM in the league is on the phones saying "i've got this guy, what would you pay for him?".
  3. I would totally play hockey in Australia
  4. Mittlestadt or Makar for me.
  5. AHL or SHL would be preferable
  6. He could take a page from Brock's book and get the puck off of his stick more quickly. Most of his turnovers/errors were from not giving up the puck when he had a chance and skating himself into oblivion. I like how he can make the first guy miss in tight quarters but he needs to make a decision with the puck afterward much more quickly.
  7. Same. Play style and pedigree seemed like a great fit to me.
  8. Any seeing highlights of these games? he has been on a serious tear through the playoffs
  9. those are the two areas you see the differences between shinkaruk and nylander. i highlighted the question and answered it
  10. skating. IQ too
  11. It brings me a lot of pride to see more and more USHL guys added to the system. top end guys and depth players
  12. once you realize sports talk radio is essentially pro wrestling, the whole thing becomes more entertaining.
  13. i think the canucks are at a point where they have to use this pick and develop their own guy. I like the centers in the top 10 this year. Outside of the top 5, Elias Pettersson stands out to me.
  14. awesome forecheck there. didnt look like he touched the puck to me
  15. UND fans are pretty crazy but the game is in Fargo