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  1. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

  2. STHS League discussion

    Alright guys I am close to getting a thread up....
  3. STHS League discussion

    Yep I am coming to interview each and every GM I want in the league Jokes aside whereabouts in Portland are you I will be just outside in Clackamas visiting family
  4. STHS League discussion

    Little bit of an update I am getting closer to starting the League Thread I am waiting on my buddy who is going to be helping me with the website I have run some test seasons with the ratings with the ratings and sliders and all is looking pretty good. There will be a bit of work to do once the site is setup.... signings, FA signings, prospect creation etc... I don't have a 100% set timeline but I am hoping to get the website and the League thread up once I return from Portland (1st or 2nd week of November) I will keep updating this thread when I have more news
  5. STHS League discussion

    I am only doing 1 and it will be a STHS League
  6. STHS League discussion

    Not happening If this happens next season than it can be changed
  7. STHS League discussion

    This will not be the league thread just a discussion thread on what you guys would like to see in a new STHS league Also please let me know if you are interested in this thread as well I am currently working on what I need to get the STHS program (with some sort of website) up and working We will be using current rosters as of this season and will include the Golden Knights (31 teams) All contracts, player data, AHL, prospects and coaches for each team will be up to date I have a guy who has been doing STHS ratings with his people for the past 17 seasons. His ratings our based on 1 year, 2 year or career statistics (depends on which attribute in the STHS program). Ratings are based on RL performance EX: penalty shot, leadership and experience are based on career Durability is rated on a 2 year scale Skating is done by a committee of people in the hockey industry All other categories are based on 1 season (so last year) Once the 1st season is over we will re rate the players based on STHS performance
  8. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    I am going to start a new thread so we can discuss what we all would like to see in a new STHS league
  9. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    Alright I will do a STHS league but if you guys want a website I will need some help with that
  10. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    I like STHS... there is alot of work and time involved (which is not that I wanted to do coming back to CDC) 2 kids, school, homework, full time job and a wife that keeps me busy I do know a little about the website side of things but not enough. We would have to design our own as the original template is old and broken (has lots of issues) The STHS program outputs what we need but I don't have the knowledge to implement it and bring it to a complete hardworking website
  11. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    So I went and purchased 17 I will give into it a little later tonight to get the hang of it
  12. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    Anyone have any experience with simming a season in 15? Seems a little difficult to do what I want to do. Pretty sure in 15 I would have to do a GM career but wouldn't be able to edit players... And so on Would 16,17 or 18 be better for this?
  13. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    I am open to suggestions and if it will benefit or keep people interested I am all for it I might go out and purchase a NHL 16, 17, 18 so the game may change as well
  14. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    Well after my year or 2 long cleanse (lol) of CDC I am coming back I am toying with the idea of restarting another league on here which would consist of a XBOX One and a NHL 15 game (Not sure on exact start date) It will be a sim league... me being the simmer. We will be simming 2 or 3 days a night to catch up with the current NHL schedule then move back to 1 sim day per day. We will follow the current NHL schedule year to year Wanting to gauge interest at this point but most here will know who I am and my commitment and dedication to any one league I start or join
  15. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Would there be any team interested in an AGM