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  1. PGT Canucks win 4-3! Over panthers

    He said 94-98. Last time I checked 96 was in between 94 and 98.
  2. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes, March 4

    Canucks offense
  3. You are right. But this wasn't just any other game. It was a show case game and Luo should have started. The arguments make it seem like he was playing terrible hockey so they went with Eddie. It's not about the hockey game at this point people, it's about respect. If you can't see this then keep arguing that Eddie should have started.
  4. Is that why the Sedins are still on the #1 pp unit?
  5. Do you really need to state this after every game. It's getting a little old.
  6. PGT Coyotes 1 Canucks 0

    Not funny anymore.
  7. Gdt Canucks vs Phoenix 6pm

    Can someone help me out with this one here. So if the Phoneix guy (can't remember his name) cross checked Henrik. The next time Phoenix touches the puck the play should be dead and the trip from Daniel doesn't exist. Shouldn't we have had a 5 on 3?
  8. PGT van loses to queens

    Maybe it stops teams from taking runs at our star players. Without them we don't make the playoffs or go on a run anyways.
  9. PGT van loses to queens

    If memory serves me correct. We finished at the top of the league in back to back years and come playoff time got our butts handed to us because we only tried to win the game. I agree that the two points were valuable but I think we got something a lot more valuable after tonights game.