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  1. I think they came out and said this because of his 12-team NTC. They probably have/had something in the works with a team not on his list and he may have refused the trade.
  2. Really hope JB explores all his options for the NTC players if asked. I disagree with the Twins to Detroit simply because Detroit is not a cup contender, sure they may make the playoffs but I doubt they go past the first/second round. Burrows to the Habs or Edler to a contender(maybe NYR to play under AV) I could see. The main reason I hope he explores trading the NMC/NTC players if to give us more felixbility when it comes to the expansion draft.
  3. Not bad overall, nothing too flashy and not completely mundane either. I like the idea of the colors matching the host cities jersey color(LAs home and away are white and black while their 3rd jersey is purple with a yellow crown) however I have a feeling that purple one might be hard on the eyes when it comes to game time.
  4. Horrible analysis of a players worth. Advanced stats like this take just a snapshot of a player and it does don't take into account the fact that he is playing in a shutdown role against other teams top lines and has the majority of his starts in the defensive end. When he was playing with the Sedins he made that line better, no one other then Hansen has been able to get that line rolling and if he wasn't needed in his checking role he would the solution to the Sedin line's problem. As you mentioned he does win faceoffs and its not that hes always fishing it out of his own net, its that the faceoffs are in his own end so the ones he does lose the opposition is then setup in our end and have a chance to score. While I can't agree that Sutter is our #2 forward he is definitely top 5 and brings a lot to this team. I'm happier with his contract now then I was when we signed him to it so hopefully he can keep trending the right way and we can get him some better wingers than Megna.
  5. Watching the Sedins last night was painful. I have been one of their biggest supporters for years but now it seem like everytime they get the puck its the same thing, they get it in deep and try to work the cycle game. Which in its day worked great, but the Sedins are no longer fast or strong enough to win the puck battles along the boards to make the cycle game work. Whether it was on the power play or on 5v5 they consistently lost the puck along the boards. The 1st PP is stagnant with little to no movement from the players on the ice to open anything up.
  6. Or we go back to Sutter with the Twins, when they play together the line puts up points. Then you can leave the BBB line intact and get Rodin some playing time on the 3rd with Granlund and Louie. We gotta try something to spark the twins.
  7. Hopefully Louie can get the Sedins rolling again. We don't have enough scoring throughout the lineup to keep winning games if they can't find the back of the net on a consistent basis. Times line this you really miss the Honey Badger!
  8. Can't argue with his selection at all. He has been the most consistent Canuck this season and his stats show that. He's our leading scorer while playing on the 3rd(2B) line and 2nd PP unit. So excited for this kid coming up and believe we have only scratched the surface on what he will become for this team. GO BO!!!
  9. They did, so barring someone coming back from injury we should see him play tonight.
  10. Rodin is injured...again. So the hate on him not getting any playing time can be saved until we don't play him once he's healthy again.
  11. Is this the same injury from last year and the preseason? If so the medical staff need to do a better job assessing his recovery from this injury.
  12. Huge fan of JRE. Listen to them at work all the time. Regardless of who is his guest is it's always entertaining and the amount of things I've learned about or heard about through listening to his podcast is unreal. My favorites usually include the Conspiracy Theories and History of the planet type stuff. I usually end up googling cool things regarding what hes talking about and kinda find myself getting lost down the rabbit hole at times. Also been to see his comedy act a couple times and loved it both times.
  13. Lots of things make me happy. For instance watching Tryamkin lay out Jaimie Benn last night made my evening plus the Canucks pulling off the win was the icing on the cake.
  14. You are correct, I think the op changed it up to suite his topic...
  15. Its hard to compare them directly as the players are at different points in their development in each league. The CHL (WHL,OHL and QMJHL) has players that are 16-20(15 yr olds are allowed on special consideration ie: McDavid, Tavares, Ekblad) where as the NCAA is players that are usually 18+ and already in college. With that said though I would put my money on the London Knights(CHL champs) from last year over North Dakota ( NCAA champs).