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  1. Looks like Calgary will also be sending their farm team for the away game.
  2. Another show me contract. Really hoping he can put it all together this year and worked on his defensive game this summer. He has flashes where his skills shine and he looks like a future 1st liner but then follows it up with poor defensive play or appears disinterested. Make or break for him this year as it's going to a lot harder to crack the lineup.
  3. This is going to get uglier before its done. The Chinese have little sympathy for dissidents and will use force to squash any actions they believe could question the "One China" philosophy
  4. Anyone know how Brock is doing in this? Info on there website seems scarce and the stats are last years total.
  5. I would say long term Petterson(who i voted for) as he is/will be our franchise center. As for right now I would say Horvat is the most important as hes our young leader that is going to take this group to the next level.
  6. If anything it brings competition for the 7-8th defenseman. OJ will also be pushing for a spot so it will probably mean Breezer starts in Utica but if he has a good camp there is always the inevitable injuries on the backend that will see him up with the club quick enough.
  7. I believe the way it works is that he is eligible to be there but the Canucks cannot pay to get him there. He( or his parents) have to pay his way to the camp. Hughes was at last years camp as an NCAA student so there is some caveat to be able to attend.
  8. Toronto’s gave a first get rid of Marleau. Waddell looks like a GM god.
  9. That's tough to say. It will really depend on who fills those spots. That lineup could put a team into the playoff but we would need to see career years from at least half of them if we wanted to make a significant run.
  10. Stecher can definitely hold his own on the 3rd pairing with a good matchup game being played. Its when he inevitably gets pushed up the lineup due to injuries that may cause some trouble
  11. Basically right now it looks like this Edler- Tanev Hughes - TBD Hutton - Stecher Juolevi - Woo As stated by many Benning is looking through free agency to for a top 4D man. Depending on if thats via trade for Hutton/Tanev or a signing is TBD. In a perfect world Hutton is packaged for a top 4 RHD, we sign a free agent LHD( This could be reversed to trading Tanev for a top RHD and then sign another RHD) plus Schenn resigns: Edler - D from Trade Hughes - Tanev Free Agent D - Stecher Juoelevi - Schenn Juolevi can go down to the AHL for game time and be the first call up.
  12. Juolevi will be given every shot to make the lineup but it will really depend on how his rehad goes and if he's up to speed come training camp. Woo will most likely not be ready next year. The kid is beast but still very raw and could use some seasons to develop. Would be stoked if he proved me wrong as his size and style of play is much needed on our back end currently. With that said there is still the question mark surrounding Tanev and whether or not he gets traded for another RHD. Bottom line is Benning needs to do something to improve the D can't go into the season with the same D as last year and expect better results. I'm also hoping we resign Schenn as a 6-7th defenseman. He's nothing fancy but adds size and toughness to the back end which we need.
  13. This is one that always stands out in my mind as I was at the game with my die hard Flames fan friends and remember them bragging how Oliwa was going to destroy our entire team. When Oliwa dropped they were at loss for words and bought me beer.
  14. Geoff Sanderson? When he was younger
  15. He might go higher than the 7th round this time around but you never know with an overager re-entering the draft