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  1. I have a feeling we may see more of these dismissal for professional conduct throughout the rest of the year while more allegations/accusations come to surface.
  2. Going with the Hockey Gaud on this one. Don't get me wrong Miller and Hughes have played unreal however that was somewhat expected with the expanded role(Miller) and the hype(Hughes). Coming into the season Gaudette he was expected to be in Utica as there was simply no place for him on this roster. He showed up at camp and proved he belonged just to sit and watch. After sitting so much they end up sending him to Utica, where shows up scores a bunch of points and is instantly recalled. Finally with some injuries he gets some playing time and has shown he belongs in the NHL. Putting up points, hounding opponents on the forecheck and causing turnovers. The kid has blown all expectation out of the water and is overachieving the most at the moment. Plus his celly's are awesome. You can tell he's having a blast out there.
  3. Pretty sure its 7 forwards, unless something has changed. Last I checked "Current NHL teams can protect seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie, or eight skaters (forwards/defensemen) and one goalie, under the following conditions. " from NHL.com If it was 5 then JV gets left out but seems like a moot point since we can protect 7.
  4. Green said he was in Concussion protocol.
  5. What a play! The pass to himself off the net to set it up was slick.
  6. Your numbers include last years games, looking at this year alone he's got 6 pts in 9 games and is on pace for 55 pts. Even more impressive for a rookie D.
  7. Podz is going to be a beast for us in the future. He's putting up huge points in the KHL but a lot of that is due to his deployment. He's been playing sheltered 4th line minutes(sometime less than 5 mins a game) for a coach that is known for not playing teenagers. He's playing with 4th line grinders. The fact that hes even cracking the lineup for his coach is impressive. When he starts getting 1st/2nd line minutes and decent line-mates I expect the points to come. Also excited for the Hog. Little disappointed about his suspension, I doubt he meant to take the guys head off but he was the smaller guy looking to defend himself along the boards.
  8. Good luck Ben!!! Always had a smile on his face just no room for him here. Wish him the best in LA and can't wait to see him try and fail to defend Petey when the Nucks are in town.
  9. Looks like Calgary will also be sending their farm team for the away game.
  10. Another show me contract. Really hoping he can put it all together this year and worked on his defensive game this summer. He has flashes where his skills shine and he looks like a future 1st liner but then follows it up with poor defensive play or appears disinterested. Make or break for him this year as it's going to a lot harder to crack the lineup.
  11. This is going to get uglier before its done. The Chinese have little sympathy for dissidents and will use force to squash any actions they believe could question the "One China" philosophy
  12. Anyone know how Brock is doing in this? Info on there website seems scarce and the stats are last years total.
  13. I would say long term Petterson(who i voted for) as he is/will be our franchise center. As for right now I would say Horvat is the most important as hes our young leader that is going to take this group to the next level.
  14. If anything it brings competition for the 7-8th defenseman. OJ will also be pushing for a spot so it will probably mean Breezer starts in Utica but if he has a good camp there is always the inevitable injuries on the backend that will see him up with the club quick enough.
  15. I believe the way it works is that he is eligible to be there but the Canucks cannot pay to get him there. He( or his parents) have to pay his way to the camp. Hughes was at last years camp as an NCAA student so there is some caveat to be able to attend.