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  1. I really hope they don't keep him on the team if its at the #6 spot. He won't get the minutes he needs for his development and could end up stuck on the bench during those critical times in a game which is what he needs to experience. Unless he can earn a top 4 role I believe another year in junior playing top minutes and in all situations will be the best for his development. However if he can outplay MDZ and Hutton I could see the defense getting setup with 3 decent pairing with say: Edler/ Stecher Juolevi/Tanev Hutton or MDZ / Gudbranson.
  2. Exactly this.. voted Kreider Nominating Orlov
  3. Voted Kreider...(ugh I know I hate the Rangers too but he has the skills) Also nominating Lehner...actually surprised he's not up there yet
  4. While I don't agree with others belittling your grammar and your point of view I believe the underlying point that they are trying to make here is that this is a thread about people's experiences and people are sharing their experiences with other. Whether you believe the stories or not the whole point of this thread isn't to come in and tell everyone else how its not real or why they are wrong but to read and take away from them what you want. No one needs, or wants to come here and share a story just to have someone sh*t all over them because someone doesn't believe what they experienced. .
  5. Voted Kane Nominate...Anders Lee
  6. Voted Schenn...nominating Ekholm
  7. Voted Kreider Nominate Silverberg
  8. As an engineer and a man of science the idea of ghosts and there absurdity is not lost on me and coincidentally it is why I do not believe in God, as there is no scientific proof. However I have seen a ghost in my lifetime and it makes me question everything. The sighting in question happened years ago when I was kid. I was staying at my grandparents place and in the middle of the night I woke up and went to the bathroom. I came back into the room and got back into bed and while I was laying there I looked out the door into the hall and saw a white ghost like figure with no legs float past the door. I was terrified and to this day I still remember hiding under my blanket for the rest of the night until my parents woke up in the morning. I told my mom about the ghost and she consoled me and said I was dreaming and that there is no such thing as ghosts. If that was the whole story I would chalk it up to I was a kid and was dreaming or it was just a reflection or whatever and believe that ya ghost aren't real. So I'm at breakfast believing my mom that ya I had a bad dream, saw a ghost and what not so I start telling my Nona(grandmother) about my dream and her face goes pale and she passes out and hits the floor. When she comes too we talk to her and she goes on to tell me about her friend that they bought the house from. He was an older man in a wheelchair who passed away and they bought the house from his sister. After they first moved in when my Dad and Uncle were kids, my uncle as well as 2 foster kids living in the house all described the same legless ghost that I saw. For years my Nona thought the kids were playing jokes on her as she had a picture of her now deceased friend on a side table and the kids would describe her the ghost as the friend. So now 20 years later my grandma got the same ghost description she had heard from someone who had never seen the picture or even knew about my uncles stories. My Nona dug out the old picture of her friend and I identified him as the old man without legs who floated past my door. To this day that is my only ghost account but it was enough to leave a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life and has made me second guess and question everything because there are some things science can't explain....not yet anyway we just need to figure it out.
  9. I agree Subban is not ready "defensively" but hasn't had the chance to see if he is offensively. Some players can make it in this league as specialist and if you have that offensive ability it can make up for the lack of defensive ability. With that said if he has any chance at getting any games with the Canucks it will be with Green at the helm since he know exactly what his has in Subban having coached the past seasons. I can't see him making the team out of camp as he is at least 9th-10th on our defensive depth chart however if we have a couple injuries on the back end and if our powerplay struggles to put up points again like last year I could see Green turning to Subban to try and spark the powerplay. It would be nice to see him get that chance but if he doesn't produce his defensive liabilities will have him back in Utica in no time.
  10. Voting O'Reilly Nominating Vatanen
  11. Eklund just spews the BS. He tries to connect every team to every available player and comes up with his own hair brained reasons as to why it would make sense where any true fan of that teams knows he's full of it.
  12. Lol that scares me to even think about.
  13. Subban...
  14. He says he wants to make the team and I believe he has not yet committed to a team if he does not. There is the chance he goes back to Europe or he could play in Utica. I wouldn't mind seeing him playing with Petterson again this coming year to work on there chemistry and develop together so they can both come over in 2018-2019 and just crush it at the NHL level.