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  1. He played out that shift after getting scored on,just to get scored on again...lucky for us the second goal was disallowed
  2. If we are getting rid of WD it better be to bring up Travis Green, we were lucky he didn't get an NHL contract last offseason so we need to get him up with the big club before he takes an opportunity elsewhere in the NHL.
  3. Gotta agree with this, Sutter is great at what he does for us. I have a feeling we won't be signing any big name free agents this year. With the team finally admitting they are in rebuild mode not only will players not want to come here but those roster spots are better served if given to someone trying to prove they belong in the NHL. Basically the OP's lineup is great but leave Sutter in that third line role.
  4. Same here, as long we get him some pro games I'll be happy. I just don't want to see him go back for another year of college hockey because then we'll be dealing with the whole him becoming a free agent talk all year and could potentially lose him Jimmy Vesey style.
  5. Bob Mackenzie was on 1040 radio this morning saying that it'll depend on what happens in the NCAA playoffs on the weekend of March 24-26th that will determine what Boeser does. If he makes they make the Frozen 4 then he will not be playing NHL games as the NHL season may already be over in which case he will go to Utica for a playoff run, but if they lose the playoffs and aren't going to the Frozen 4 then the Canucks will most likely sign him to get some games in with the big club. Link to Bob talking about Boeser http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/mckenzie-canucks-prepared-to-burn-a-year-of-boeser-s-contract-1.696109
  6. I second this... He was on pace/outscoring Mathews before his injury yet he is never in the Calder talks which is just sad.
  7. They mentioned on TSN expansion segment that while Sbisa would be a better option then Gaunce while looking just at our team but overall there are more then 6 defensemen better than Sbisa that will be exposed on other teams. So why would they take on a contracts like Sbisa for a 7-8 guy.
  8. Its not even close. As stated above its the lackluster TO media trying make headlines/stories out of nothing.
  9. Washington from the East Hopefully San Jose from the West, and they can also win it all so we get a 1st instead of a 4th
  10. Great job on the GDT OP. Lets go with a 4-3 OT win and Goldobin gets the winner.
  11. Long term it makes the most sense to give it to Bo. Not only are you rewarding his play and the attitude he brings but it will allow him to take that next step as a leader in the locker room and prepare him to take the 'C' when Hank retires.
  12. Underage kids definitely party its just harder for them to party then someone of age. The concerns the Canucks had I believe was based on his development and how he was being utilized in Calgary. He wasn't developing the defensive side of his game and was simply using his speed and size against smaller opponents to dominate. It was one of those he had nothing left prove in junior and that combined with the Canucks lack of depth, remember McCann also made the team, was the reason they kept him up.
  13. You've brought this up before but I don't think you can pin it solely on JB. I agree it is a lack of character that is hurting Jake with the off season weight issues, partying(if true), and his overall compete level is just not where it needs to be right now. However when he was drafted he was of not legal age yet so the partying was not really an option and he wasn't in his hometown with friends influencing him. From his interviews and based off his coaches he was a character guy in Calgary with the Hitmen and his biggest knock was his hockey IQ(which i believe is still something he needs work on). I think once he made the Canucks and was back in his hometown, now of legal age and with his friends he grew up is when the character issues started to surface, which in retrospect is not JBs fault.
  14. Now we just need to trade him for the next Naslund and we'll be set... On another note I really hope he can turn his game around and become the player we we're hoping he would be when we drafter him. He has the tools to be great players just needs to get it together and start producing on the ice.
  15. I think it really depends on the team, especially if we are talking playoff bound teams. Here is another way of thinking about the whole protecting your players.Every team is going to lose someone to Vegas but only one. So lets say a strong team already has 2 forwards that are integral to the team but are going to be exposed to the draft because the team is loaded with forwards(same thing works for defense). This team has a couple options, 1 The team stands pat and loses one of the players to expansion and take it as a loss after the season but does not improve the roster for a cup run this season, 2, The team trades both players for non-draft eligible players and exposes someone else, the team loses quality from its team and may hurt its chance this season put protects its "assets". 3rd option here is my point, which is to trade for a player like Hansen, someone who can help them win this year and will be draft eligible. This way they improve their team for this season while also adding another quality option for the expansion draft. At the draft they can only lose 1 of the 3, so either Hansen is taken protecting their original players or Hansen replaces the player that is taken and the team still sits in a good position moving forward while being able to compete this season. A team looking for a straight up rental would definitely be more interested in Burrows but teams that are in crunch due to the expansion draft may very well look to option 3 as it helps them this season and gives them options through the expansion draft.