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  1. I only caught the highlights and from those it looked like Markstrom had a rough night, how did he play overall? I have a feeling our goaltending may be our Kryptonite this year
  2. I'll be at the game, hoping Boeser and Virtanen continue to impress and give me some fodder for my flame's friends.
  3. Voted PK...nominating OEL
  4. Voted Mathews Nominate Letang
  5. There is video of it from both the interior of BC as well as from Calgary. It looks like the meteor came down around/across the rockies and that it is the same one seen from both locations.
  6. Hopefully thats not the case, from the videos I've seen of Boeser talking about his offseason he mentions he was working on his skating for this year. If he focused on it in the offseason I can't see it being any worse then when he joined the team at the end of last season and while he was not the faster player out there he didn't seem to miss a step.
  7. Voted Stammer... Nominating Bobrovsky
  8. Ya I did notice the lack of music and really like it. I feel like in NA they try to get the crowd into with songs and random cheers on the jumbotron but they are all repetitive and unoriginal. Every team has the generic Go ____ Go ! and the Charge! chants. Having an original chant and a section leading the way would really add the fan experience and make each building more unique instead of the same old chants and music in every building.
  9. Dam the fans at the game above are louder and more excited for this game then our fans get. Wish they had an area/fans like this at Rogers arena.
  10. While I agree they have rushed way too much this season and that it is ruining a great aspect of the show i believe leaving that scene out helped build tension and suspense. If they had included the seen with Sansa talking to Bran the suspense in Hall while she summoned Arya would not of been there as the audience would already know that Sansa knows the truth about her sister. By leaving that out it made for a better twist and at long last the end of LF.
  11. Voted Burns, Nominate: Bobrovsky
  12. Still voting for Burns...he's going to win eventually unfortunately it looks like Ovi might run away with this one Nominating Holtby... we need at least one goalie on the list to choose from
  13. I don't think its the idea of moving on from a player that's the point being made but more the attitude towards the player. Edler is a prime example, for years now the idea has been floated to ask Edler to waive his no trade so we can trade him while his value was high. During this time he was our top pairing D and would get some criticism for having bad games here and there but the overall attitude towards him from the fans was good. Now today this same Edler(who is still our top pairing D and minimum top 4 on most teams in the NHL) has become deadweight? The point is Edler(or any other vet) today may not be the player he was 5 years ago and has been in trade talks on this forum at some point however the negative attitude towards the player that has spiked recently.
  14. Sticking with Burns and nominating Mathews again....looks like they both have more pull this time around
  15. Not sure How Karlsson is third and Burns still isn't in contention for 6th... Voting Burns nominating Matthews