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  1. Really depends on what we would pay for him but I will say you don't just get a Karlsson from a trade any day. Don't forget he's 28 years old so he's likely only half through his career. If the offer is fair for us and doesn't hold back our rebuild too much then Karlsson could also make our rebuild that much quicker. He's simply not the kind of player you don't at least ask about and/or try to get, but there obviously is a balance for us in whether it makes sense or not, which comes down to the obvious: what would it cost us?
  2. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Are you okay? Because you've made this last page one of the weirdest reads I've had in the 10 years I've been on this forum.....
  3. To me, this topic is the very definition of over thinking. I highly doubt this will affect the players at all if Horvat is the captain over someone who shows up later and proves to be a better recipient of the "C". Is the thought process of who may or may not show up later really enough to affect who gets the "C" now? EDIT: Had info wrong
  4. I actually think Torpedo's an awesome name, better than a lot of the names in our league which is my point.
  5. How is Torpedo any different from names like Avalanche, Lightning, and Hurricanes? Even names like Oilers, Flyers, Ducks, Penguins, etc. If you were first learning the names of the teams in the NHL, some of our names are far less fearsome sounding than Torpedo. lol
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    The irony of trying to trigger someone by telling him he shouldn't get triggered? lol
  7. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Where in this thread has people said Hughes will be better than Dahlin? I have yet to read that in this thread. You can compare anything. You can compare a hot wheels car to a real one. One's tiny while the other is a lot bigger. Telling people what they can and can't compare is silly no matter how silly the comparison may be. You don't have to agree with it, but come on, even you just compared the two in your sentence. lol I realise people get frustrated and don't like "over-hype" on these boards but people are excited. Why not let them be excited? It's not like they are saying Hughes is better after all. They just want a comparison.
  8. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    To be honest, one of the reasons why I haven't been on here is because, aside from our own transactions, I've decided to just stop paying attention to hockey until the summer's over because of this very fact. I knew from July 1st this was going to be like this all summer. It's funny too because I want to cheer for a good Canadian team outside of Vancouver, but the media overstate Toronto so much that it would feel dirty to even think of cheering for them. The media have destroyed Toronto for me.
  9. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Cody McLeod

    But I wanted to see more figure skating. There's not enough of that in this league! A triple lutz with a sow cow should be mandatory when scoring a goal!
  10. Okay. So he's a defensive stud. What's the rest of the team like for defense? If the new guys coming in also prove to be defensive studs is that going to be enough for Gaunce to retain a spot? We can talk about the qualities of particular players all they want, but all of that is useless if we ignore about where each player fits on the team, if they fit on the team. A good example of this was Hodgson. Of course he flopped in the end, but he had some good qualities and that's what people focused on when we had him; however, given he was not the ideal 3rd line center and we already had Sedin and Kesler, so it forced him to the 3rd line, arguably, he wasn't going to be a good fit on our team. This was something that gnawed at me quite a bit while he was here: where does he fit? Short answer: he didn't. And don't get me wrong; I've always rooted for Gaunce, but this is a dog-eat-dog world and if there are better options out there to Gaunce's defense, I sure hope we choose those options than to blindly fanboy our way to not making this team optimal.
  11. hehe This is definately not the Loui Eriksson contract. I would hope that Benning has learned from that one by now.
  12. Come on people. If you buy an ice cream for a dollar extra, do you suddenly hate the ice cream? This thread is full of silliness.
  13. Can or should Jake be our Tom Wilson?

    You want to be disappointed if Virtanen "only" becomes a Wilson? Fine. That's your call. But to imply that others "should" think like you do? I'll stick to my own train of thought. Thanks.
  14. League bias

    I think whenever humans are involved, especially multiple humans, it's hard to remove bias altogether. That being said, I don't think the league's out to get us and to think there is league bias against us is our own bias getting in the way at the same time.
  15. Why do some excessively criticize prospects?

    The thing is though, it's two-fold. 10% of CDC would be a lot happier on a "bashing Canucks" forum. Instead of coming up with constructive criticism, it ends up being some sort of bash fest as if nothing good could ever be done right by Benning and company. Seriously, if Benning couldn't do anything right then why does he still have a job? Clearly, there are other people with a different opinion on things than the people who just want to bash, heaven forbid someone may have a different opinion! Does this sound familiar? It's pretty much the same argument people make with the people who just cheer for anything and that's it. What I'm trying to basically say is that there are two extremes here and there always will be. As far as treating our prospects with "kid gloves", they're kids! They are learning. It's called development. I'm not saying criticism shouldn't happen, it should, but some of the criticism I see towards these kids on these boards, you'd think the kids were to be expected to fail in those peoples' eyes. If one expects failure, then how can that person even begin to comprehend success? What's the point in even watching the development if all one wants to do is throw banana peels on the ice and hope they slip and fall every chance they get?