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  1. Wasn't the media saying Vegas would get their 1st round a few hours before the roster unveiling? Just goes to show the discrepancy often between the media tweets and what actually goes on.
  2. I think it really depends. Could he be here to guide our younger players at that time? On the other hand, Gudbranson could also be that guide. Decisions, decisions.....
  3. Pretty much this. I think it's more of a publicity move than anything.
  4. At least we didn't give up Methot. That has to hurt.
  5. Speaking of Tallon, kind of a weird trade he just made with Vegas losing 2 of their good players instead of losing another player. You know that's exactly the kind of talk we would have here if he was the GM for Vancouver? It would be EXACTLY like it is with Benning.
  6. They'll be "so much better than us" in your eyes even if they picked the worst players out there. That's just how your posts go....
  7. I can only imagine the hassle that's going to cause if the coach of the Wolves favours the prospects of one team over the other. How does "balance" even happen with that? It could almost be like roommates. Everything's fine at first until one stops doing the dishes....
  8. Virtanen's far more appealing than White ever wise in my opinion. It's almost like comparing Virtanen to Makar but I digress. lol
  9. I would imagine it would depend on the length of the contracts they get. The longer they have to commit to things the less likely they'll spend towards the cap.
  10. Just don't mistake confidence with cockiness. One is good to have. The other can put you in undesirable situations in life.
  11. Don't get me wrong. I like Gaunce. I just think there's a little more in terms of strategy with all of this. We'll find out in a few hours anyway what happens really.
  12. If you want a throwaway, wouldn't it be easier to pick coming up UFA like Engelland than an RFA like Shinkaruk? So I don't think it would be to do with value. It would be more to do with what kind of contract it is.
  13. So you think Gaunce is being graded harshly? lol
  14. Everyone says they'll take the best player available. It's like the league standard "no comment" comment.
  15. Months to prepare? Yes. Months to prepare after a flurry of side deals and potential trades? No. I can only imagine the whirlwind that's been going on in McPhee's office at the moment and the past few days. It's probably chaos to be honest.