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  1. Okay. Thank you for this. I can respect this and I think this is much better than simply going "where's your evidence" and slapping on a video and calling it a day. First of all, let me clarify my stance on all 3 subjects without going into details yet: 1. Fistcuffs can be good for a team in a game . (Serious) fistcuffs in practice generally lead to breakdowns in the locker room which I think is bad (or at least risky), 2. Humiliating a teammate: that's an interesting one as there's a right time and a wrong time as well as a right person and a wrong person to do it on. I'm up in the air there, but I could potentially get persuaded. 3. Ultimately, I think Bo punching Jake in practice is bad. It falls in line with part 1. So I'm going to let you choose here a bit, but to give a little more detail of the above: 1) Fighting is pretty synonymous with the game and fistcuffs are pretty good way to rally things up. I doubt we'd disagree there. However, when it comes to decking a teammate in practice, we have to look at a couple of things: i) What are the implications in the locker room? Will there be bad blood in the end? ii) What sort of impact (if at all) is it actually going to have on the player? Will it actually teach a lesson? iii) Are we talking just a straight up deck or are we talking about the 2 of them in a brawl? The later is a lot more common in practice. The former's kind of $&!#ty if it knocks the person out or something. lol 2) So let me go back to the whole Byfuglien/Kane thing, I believe that was words which would fall under number 2. Obviously, that was a situation where it wasn't good for the team and ultimately resulted in a trade (without getting into semantics on if it was what caused the trade in the first place). However, there can be times (ie. Torts yelling) where it can actually be a good thing (or backfire). This is where is depends on the person and the situation really. 3) I don't question Horvat's leadership (nor do I think that's what's being questioned here in the first place). I'm going to resort to point one with my opinion on this and we can go from there.
  2. Explain to me how Bieska's evidence. What was the outcome? How does it support your claim? Come on dude, debate. If you actually do it and provide actual evidence (I expect at least a decent sized paragraph on this) I promise I will try and come up with counter arguments. If I don't respond again, it'll be because you haven't done so and there's just no point in trying to get you out of this pettiness.
  3. And then I end up wondering what your problem is. lol
  4. So basically you have no evidence in the same sense that you're accusing other people. *slow clap* All I'm saying is, if you expect other people to "have evidence" you need to also provide evidence, otherwise you just sound like a kid going "provide evidence, provide evidence, provide evidence" as if it's a new word you just discovered. lol
  5. It is an acceptable response if you don't care to be taken seriously. It is not an acceptable response if you actually want to build rapport with a person. Even responses like "No problem" when you've done something for someone can have a weird vibe to it... like was there a problem to begin with?
  6. Do you have evidence on how punching a teammate makes all the difference? If you're going to just go with "do you have evidence" you need to provide a clear example yourself about how it made a teammate better in the end. If you need an example from me. Byfuglien and Kane. Was just words more or less but was a pretty bad situation for the entire organization. Now are you going to hide behind this "do you have evidence?" wall or are you going actually debate? Come "punch me" with actual evidence your method works.
  7. If we were talking about 2 different teams and actual hockey fights I'd agree. However, it's not unheard of for fights to break out between team members and most of the time it harms the team, which seems to be what you want to happen. It's a terrible situation to have happen and I'm honestly surprised you can't even seem to see that. That's also not the kind of leader Horvat is (in fact, I'd argue what you're implying isn't leadership at all).
  8. To be fair, if a hockey player thinks they are an expert on altercations, they're lying to themselves. lol
  9. I have a feeling you don't handle altercations well if you think punching someone's the best method. lol Got in one too many fights?
  10. So basically the pretend experts. Got it. Do we need a video on what Iverson thinks about practice to show how little it matters?
  11. I'm not so sure about that. You'd be amazed at what goes on in certain industries that are desperate for money. When money directly translates to viewership, anything can happen. (ie. MTV and reality shows instead of music videos). There is a reason why reputable sources generally do a really good job at sourcing their material. While that's a bit harder in the sports world since you probably don't want to expose where some news leaks come from, that's also a really good cover up if you think about it.
  12. Okay, but that wasn't my question now was it, so why you're answering something completely different is beyond me. The question wasn't even directed to you. lol
  13. Let me ask you this: if Boeser was not injured even once, would you still want Toffoli over Brock?
  14. Still, this is why polls shouldn't be taken at face value unless if presented from a reputable source that's generally deemed "unbiased". (not exactly common unfortunately)
  15. Personally, I grew up watching the skate jersey. When they changed to the orca it took a bit of time for me to adjust. If they change it again, it'll probably also take a bit of time for me to adjust. I hope they don't as I want to see consistency and the orca's the jersey that's been around the longest now, but I get that changes do happen. Now, I don't agree with morgo's comments on this, but I also don't think Tiger's comments are helpful either. I get that people are passionate about logos, but when people act like 5 year olds about it, I'm not about to show any sympathy. Act like adults about it and then we can have a good discussion.