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  1. People are allowed to live their live whatever way they want. Unfortunately, pessimists typically end up less successful in life in the end, at least by society's standards, but that's a topic for another day.
  2. Well "context" doesn't exactly have to translate to "being right". At this point really there's no right or wrong. It's still all up in the air on that and if either side think's they're "right", they're lying to themselves.
  3. Do you realise that Horvat's stats actually compare with a lot of 2nd line centers on teams that are deemed "stanley cup contenders"? For example, he wasn't far behind Kuznetsov last year (only 6 points). He's ahead of Chicago's 2nd center last year (although I don't know if they used a winger in center instead). There's a lot of consistency with this if you look at a lot of the other top teams too. So, while I don't believe in "over-hyping" Horvat, I also think you're kind of deflating what he's capable of at the same time. He's a 2nd line center at this point, based on what 2nd line centers do around the league even on Stanley Cup contenders. He may not be Malkin, but he's certainly equal or close to a lot of the others.
  4. Well, considering we are in September and he just signed now (ie. wouldn't have been able to even start the season if played much longer), I don't really know if playing hardball would be much of an option at this point. I too would love to live in dreamer's land and be able to expect smaller contracts.... alas.... I'm stuck in reality.... That being said, I think a lot of people don't seem to realise that contracts have gone up higher with the higher cap hits these past few years. . Monahan's actually not that much higher in point production to Horvat, albeit Monahan's maintained that for longer and has broken the 60 point mark twice. However, if we were to consider point production alone, 63 points per season is hardly what I would expect from a bonafide 1st line center. Sure, his point production probably will increase, but the same likelihood is with Horvat really. To what extent with these players? That will be up to them to show us.
  5. How about this? Virtanen's evidently going into this year a little more maturely (based on evidence provided during the summer). It's not to say he'll make it. It's not to say he'll play poorly. It's to say he's hopefully taking things in a better manner than before. This way we don't get both sides whining about the other side while being all hypocritical since both sides are doing the exact same thing just from a different perspective. People seem to want to cling to their opinions, whether positive or negative, and ignore anything that might shatter their own precious precious opinion.
  6. The thing is, as you've stated, Horvat is a different situation. He's younger and important for this team. Eriksson on the other hand seems a lot less important. So, if Benning has "learned his lesson" via the Eriksson contract and letting that influence his dealings with Horvat, I would be rather worried as Horvat with Eriksson's contract would make a lot more sense for us than Eriksson with Eriksson's contract.
  7. We can hope at least. lol
  8. I understood him perfectly. No clue why you're not able to yourself. Selective hearing I'm assuming.
  9. Everyone in the hockey world? Come on man, I know you're smarter than this..... If you're going to troll, don't make it painfully obvious. *yawn*
  10. You keep telling yourself that (Referring to your first sentence). There's seems to be such a thing on these boards at the opposite of "homerism" where people are just as silly. Same sort of denial, just on the opposite side. Oh well.... Anyway, if you need over 10 years of 5th round draft picks to come up with 2 that worked for us in the 5th round that doesn't really help you out much. Let's just whine about not having that 20% chance of a prospect panning out in the 5th round because we apparently have nothing better to argue about? Using selective information like you do only gets you so far in a conversation. You seem to want prospects to just be granted spots whether they help us or not and I question whether or not you've even seen these prospects in action to come up with this conclusion of yours. I'd rather they deserve that spot (albeit with a little less competition than what we have at the moment). In the meantime, I'll just sit on the fence and watch how the plot unfolds.
  11. Ah I see, so the focus on that trade for you is on the FIFTH round draft pick. Not a 1st, not a 2nd, not even a 3rd of 4th, but a 5th! Oh well. I guess some people need straws to grasp as slippery as they may be. You didn't really specify that stuff in your post anyway, but hey, if you think we're all mind readers then to each their own. As much as I question why Vanek was signed (I want to see our young players get a better chance too), I think your way of thinking is a little extreme in that regard. I'm more going to wait and see what happens at this point.
  12. Is this all while forgetting about the drug problem this "young guy who hits everything" had? Hindsight must be great to have while selectively ignoring one of the most important facts about that trade, huh? We are literally talking about someone who almost had no more NHL career. Thankfully, he managed to turn things around and I think that's great; however, let's not forget the path he took to get to this point.
  13. I don't really care about pushback at this point. I care about developing a good team. Edmonton and Calgary are getting more pushback because they actually have good teams now with the potential to make a run in the playoffs. THAT is when you sign those types of "pushback players". While it may be good to have a couple of players who will stand up for other players (and we do), if that's our focus right now, then I would be questioning the ability of the GM in charge (thankfully it's clearly not our focus). We need a good team first before we even think about pushback.
  14. My thoughts on this: Ignoring the situation of our team, Vanek's a bargain at 2mil for 1 season. I have no issues with the contract. Considering the situation of our team, I question whether there's a point where we have too much competition. Vanek's not going to be here longterm. Our prospects, on the other hand, likely will be. I'd rather see more of a long-term goal rather than seeing these "temporary band-aids" slotting into places where I think it would be nicer to see a prospect have a chance. Obviously, we don't want to rush our prospects, but we also don't want to make it impossible to make the team either. We had this issue in the AV days and we have pretty much nothing to show from it. (granted, that could also be because of our draft choices at the time lol) Vanek at least should provide leadership on the team. However, I'm partially hoping there's a bigger picture to all of this where another one of our vets (like Suter or even Eriksson if we're really lucky) gets traded.