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  1. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    JVR was the first player I mentioned so I don't quite know what you're getting at there, plus we talked about players like Killorn, etc. Haula showed to be over 70% with Neal and Perron. That's quite a bit for being the "majority on the 3rd line". I think the problem comes when talking about these lines in general. If there's one thing we've seen, it's that players get bumped around, so the point production is not all 3rd line. It might be in the odd case, but in other cases it's only partial. I don't disagree with your Calgary statement, but the way of using these stats: to convey that their points are from the 3rd line, you have to admit, that's not going to be 100% true as you've even pointed out in your own points. I see what you are trying to say and I would agree that 3rd line scoring is beneficial, but line juggling just simply makes trying to prove that stuff with the players you've mentioned evidently difficult as it's pretty easy to show it's not going to be all on the 3rd line. We've hardly even talked about the powerplay with all of this and how that can even affect the point totals.
  2. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    Well, any kind of extra scoring's going to help really, whether it's from the defenders, the 3rd line, the 4th line, etc. That part's a given. However, the hard part with a team is getting to that point (obviously). That's why I don't really agree with having expectations like the 45 points, or the 20 goals.The 2-way forward part I can definitely see, but most of the time, the points with 3rd liners are there because they bounce around, which was what I was trying to point out. But that's the part where I was like "????" with your previous posts. Just seems like high expectations, and great if it happens, but we might as well be on top of the world if it is; therefore..... unrealistic depending on who you are asking. I actually, out of curiousity, looked at Haula and Koivu, it looks like they are 2nd liners and not 3rd liners given who they play with. I'm more saying that because I was curious to see if you were right or not: As far as Calgary goes, that part is consistent with what I found at least. lol It doesn't look like they had a lot of depth in terms of scoring up front; although their point production from their defense could arguably make up for it. Their top 3 d in points scored more than our #1 in Edler. lol
  3. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    Okay then I'll bring up what I'm guessing you feel is your strongest point in Tampa Bay, more specifically: Killorn: Out of all of the players you've mentioned, he's bounced around line combinations the most. He's played with Kucherov almost as much as playing with the other players you've mentioned. He's also played with Stamkos and Kucherov on the 1st line. If you want, I could also look up the other players you've mentioned, but I think it's kind of getting meaningless. Also I'd like to point out that I gave you more than 1 example and now I've just given you yet another example. I'm pretty sure most, if not all of your examples, will have similar results. As far as your last paragraph goes, that's mostly just speculation at this point on your point, so to be "absolutely sure" of something like that, I'd have more faith if you told me Richard Simmons was going to be the next President of the US. Who knows, maybe those players won't be that great, but maybe they will. One thing I can be absolutely sure of is that no one, not even you, can be absolutely sure. On a side note: Come on dude, if you're an adult, don't have these childish tantrums just because someone disagrees with you. Can we have an adult conversation without the personal attacks?
  4. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    What I am saying is what you are asking for is rare in terms of what actually happens. Sure, you mentioned not just 45 points, but clearly it's not something that is common in this league. If you didn't want people to talk to you about your 45 point expectations than why bring it up in the first place? That's on you. And as far as your "3rd liners go", that's not actually true. First off, let me give you the percentages of who they have been with: So they've bounced around as well, albeit at least mostly on the lines you've mentioned, so at least you are right about who they are playing with with some exceptions; however, now let's look at their point production when compared to the rest of their teams: So basically you are saying that the 2nd and 4th top scorers on Winnipeg are "3rd line players" and the 4th top scorer for Toronto is a 3rd line player. Do you not see something wrong with that? I mean, great, they have a scoring 3rd line, but in those cases, their 3rd line is arguably better than their 2nd line, so really the lines you've mentioned should be considered their 2nd line rather than their 3rd line.
  5. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    So I just did some research out of curiousity on your expectations. I went through last year's statistic for each team and checked to see what the 7th highest point forward on each team achieved in terms of point production. I looked at the 7th highest because logically that would be the highest point producing 3rd liner as a generalization at least. Here's my results: Not 1 of those players achieved 45 points, not even Kilorn 2 of the players actually did get more than 40 points (Tampa Bay and Toronto) but still, just above 40 points only and not to your 45 point margin. There were no more than 5 teams with players of more than 30 points. A lot of teams had 7th overall forwards of less than 20 points. So, based on your expectations, there are few teams, if any teams, in this league that would have matched your criteria in terms of points last year, and if there's a player that matched that in terms of goals, then there were generally quite a few forwards ahead of him in points with less than 20 goals anyway.
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    The way I see it, there's a lot of players that we're talking about in that category of still being in the AHL by 22: 1st rounders, 7th rounders, undrafted players, etc. This includes players that have made strides but it also includes players that lose motivation or just don't get anywhere. It's easy to clump them all together in a package, put a bow on top and say that these players will likely "all fail after 22". That's fine and all, but with such a large pool of players to draw from coming from so many varying successes in the past to how they got there in the first place, is there anything to show 1st rounders specifically or 7th rounders or whatever after the age of 22? Is there going to be a difference in the success rate of 1st rounders compared with 7th rounders after the age of 22? To me, that would be interesting and more useful for discussions like these. I'd be actually rather curious about that.
  7. Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    The thing is, you need different types of players in your lineup. Size isn't everything. Just because we're cheering for this guy doesn't mean we aren't hoping another player (like Gadjovich or whoever) could help out in that department. This is one prospect. Literally: one prospect. He happens to be a prospect that sticks up for himself. This is turning into a game of speed and skill and if he joins the team because of that and, as a bonus, he is able to stick up for himself, is that not enough?
  8. lol There have been some faaaaaar worse teams in the history of the NHL. Imagine having a season with only 8 wins, as some teams have done in the past.
  9. [:(] Steve Darling leaves 650

    CanucksArmy columnist
  10. lol I don't know if I would quite go to the extreme of wishing a player on another team to "never be anything". I hope McCann has a good career. I'll also cross my fingers that Guddy gets out of having all of these injuries.
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    There is such a thing as negativity while having hockey talk. Look at Botchford for example, or a good portion of CanucksArmy.... That being said, I don't know what snippet of this conversation you guys are actually talking about nor do I really care, lol but I hope you at least understand my points from earlier.
  12. Well, yeah, I would prefer Radulov too, but I was more trying to make a point. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a Kovalchuk fan either but that doesn't mean he wouldn't get a contract in this league. I remember when some people seemed to have the same pessimism when Jagr came back and he turned into one of those old cars that wouldn't quit no matter how hard you tried to break it. lol
  13. So basically it's a guess on your part.... You do realise his point production hasn't slowed since he joined the KHL, nor had it slowed down when you compare his time in Jersey with his time in Atlanta, right? The only reason why a team wouldn't want him might be because of past contract issues, but it's certainly not going to be because of his "deteriorating skills".
  14. I don't actually picture him as bottom pairing, more like a top 4, but I can see that's really going to be a matter of opinion as well. To be honest, I actually liked the trade back then and still do. Sure, Florida benefited from it if we look at just points and games played for each team, but we have type of player that we wouldn't have otherwise as I mentioned earlier.