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  1. This does not surprise me at all, coming from the company that put plastic in their bread. Subway is grosser than McDonalds, IMO.
  2. McEneny has been called up, not Subban. That said, McEneny, over the last 20 or so games, has been the Comets best defenceman... put up more points than Subban.
  3. I've got bad news for you...
  4. For sure. I want to see the best in the world in their respective discipline. Watching a couple of guys throw haymakers and finish their careers with a 12-11 doesn't interest me as much.
  5. Exactly. I can't argue with anyone's opinion that they find him boring. That's their opinion, they're entitled to it, and are free to believe what they believe. That said, my opinion is that if you find GSP boring its probably because you don't really understand what's going on and would be better of watching free Kimbo Slice (RIP) fights on Youtube than paying to watching UFC fights.
  6. That's your opinion, but my opinion is that GSP is one of the top 3 most technical fighters ever, and to me, that is not boring. I loved what GSP brought to the octagan. His strategy was to win. He developed the strategy that would make him the champion. Saying that 'he failed miserably' against Hendricks is completely biased. Saying that any fighter 'failed miserably' is completely biased and insulting to the people that actually have to step into the cage. You act as if 'being inadequate when needed' was the defining moment of his career when he has won more than any other welterweight in the history of the division (I think only Bisping has more wins in the history of the UFC). Also, look at what Hendriks was like pre versus post USADA. Lol. So GSP got beat by a guy that was juicing. That hardly makes him 'inadequate when needed'.
  7. Dom Cruz was on the Joe Rogan podcast today. Really great listen if you have a chance.
  8. How would you determine that the thread title and the link in the thread say different things without opening the thread? I'd say that it is worthwhile to post in a thread to let others know that the OP is completely inaccurate. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you don't value knowing whether something is accurate or not.
  9. You make the worst threads. Hands down. This is just a list of where players fit, not that any of the teams have actually shown interest in said player.
  10. GSP and Rousey are not on the same planet in terms of mental toughness/desire.
  11. Dan Boyle (undrafted) also fetched a first rounder. Interestingly (or maybe not), this pick was traded another half dozen times. SJ > TB >Ott> NYI >CBJ (in a 3-way trade with TO)>ANA (in a 3 way trade with Philly). The player drafted was Kyle Palmieri.
  12. I think his point was that you have several thousand kids having the fun sucked out of the game despite never having much of a shot at actually making the NHL anyway. Its not about who does make the NHL and whether they enjoy it... at least they'll come out with their pockets lined regardless. The problem is the system that has created a bunch of zombie parents that think their kid is the ticket out of the middle class or that the only way their kid will make the NHL is if they live and breathe hockey for 15 years.
  13. Yes, but I think you can easily argue that the vast majority of NHLers possess both... especially today. Exceptions can definitely be found.
  14. This is true, but the level of competition to become a lawyer is much lower than the level of competition required to become a professional NHL player. It would be a lot easier to not work very hard and become a lawyer than it would be to not work very hard and play in the NHL. That's why it is surprising/rare to find someone make the NHL despite not enjoying it very much. You have to be pretty extremely talented to make this league despite not really working hard because you don't enjoy it.
  15. Maybe, but then again about 95% of people aren't here aren't being paid to stay in shape.