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  1. My compliance buyout is officially for sale to the highest bidder.
  2. I won't add another review, but I totally agree with this. Great movie. Perfect pace.
  3. There aren't a lot of likeable guys at the top of the 170lb division. Gilbert Burns I guess?
  4. I thought it was probably 3-2 Holloway but it wasn't like an absolute robbery either.
  5. You should never say that. Ever. But when you've got a mustache like that? Fire him into the sun.
  6. To me, certain refs just have a total lack of awareness of when a fight is over. There was absolutely no indication that Aldo was going to do anything to get out of the position he was in.
  7. Rose deserved that win based on the rules for how the fight is scored... but she definitely took more damage. You can say that she has a great team around her... but her coaches also are so well known that they get to pick and choose who they want to be their student. Rose might be one of the most coachable MMA fighters in history.
  8. Official Secrets: 8/10 This is a pretty incredible story of a 'spy' that 'betrays' her government to reveal some information that the public deserves to know. I just don't know if the story is best told through a movie... but Keira Knightley is pretty good and the movie was directed by the same guy that did Eye in the Sky, which was phenomenal.
  9. Usman Volkanovski (but man do I want to see Max win) Yan Andrade (feel the same way about the Volkanovski fight)
  10. Anyone else still waiting for their refund?
  11. Coherence: 10/10 I think this was my third time re-watching. Probably my favorite low-budget film of all time. Rather than give actors a script, the director gave them cue cards with 'goals for the day' and just let them act out the scene in whatever way came naturally. One of the actors was also the writer of the script and so was able to sometimes steer scenes in the direction they wanted things to go in. Not bad for a movie shot in 5 days on a $50,000 budget, $8,000 of which was spent on a wig they had to buy because they had to do some reshoots and the actor cut her hair. I haven't talked at all about the plot because it is really just something you need to watch.
  12. @Ryan Strome was in the George Floyd thread trying to learn how rates work and then disappeared. He might be lost in Alberta looking for a library that Kenney turned into an Arby's.