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  1. Can agree/disagree about what the rule should be... but in today's NHL there's no way that isn't worthy of a suspension. Terrible angle for Foligno to take to make the hit.
  2. Horvat always elevates his game when playing Chicago. Two goals for Bo tonight.
  3. OP updated with stats through Nov. 2. Tough back-to-back for Utica (outscored 0-9). Focht slowed down a little. Woo still hasn't picked up his offensive side of the game compared to last year. Not much to say about Pod as he was called up to the KHL and only got one game in. No points. I'd also say that the NCAA guys have been off to an underwhelming start considering their (especially Madden's) progress last year. However, Rathbone had a triumphant return to Harvard's lineup, picking up 2 goals in his first game back. Pettersson is the most valuable guy in the league in terms of points for dollars paid.
  4. He's not there yet, but he's certainly figured out how to use some key terms to get Canucks fans to overreact. Saying that Pettersson is going to "cost" Vancouver $X is a weird way to phrase things. With the cap going up, 9 million for Petey is a bargain.
  5. For sure. Not that I'd ever cheer for Covington, but if he were to beat Usman, a Covington-Masvidal title fight would be great.
  6. Who let you in here? He played 20 minutes... just last night. Back-to-back games, he already put up 2 apples... spread the TOI around. This team is known to get a ton of injuries. Managing TOI is key. Horvat got burned out last year when Petey and Sutter went down with injuries. Also, while we're talking about deployment... 58% of his starts are in the O-zone.
  7. Didn't think people would be offended by getting to see Pettersson's stats.
  8. Mocked Anderson's right hand and then got dropped.
  9. Nate was definitely one where I picked with my heart and not my head... I guess who's the moron now?
  10. Draisaitl is more valuable to the Oilers than McDavid. 

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    2. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      I see it as the exact opposite. Draisaitl is responsible for doing all the little things that free up McDavid. He takes draws, he retrieves loose pucks/wins puck battles. McDavid gets to focus almost exclusively on the offensive side of the puck, which is pretty atypical of someone who is a quote-unquote center. 

    3. #Canucks


      @Down by the River I appreciate your perspective. There is definitely an argument there. McDavid does back check and win pick battles too. @Coconuts They are definitely benefactors if each other!

    4. Coconuts


      That's a fair view. Draisaitl may shoulder some of the burden a typical center takes on but McDavid also has to do those things to an extent. I'd also argue that McDavid's sheer offensive talent frees up Draisaitl to play to his highest potential. It's almost a bit of a symbiotic relationship. 



  11. Predictions: Diaz Till Walker Thompson Lee Dawadou Definitely not betting. I could be wrong on all predictions.