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  1. NHLPA approves new draft lottery odds proposed by NHL

    How do you figure that? Right now the bottom three teams have a cumulative probability of .41 in terms of winning the lottery ( The new rules change this probability to .435.
  2. Ron Maclean went on SN650 and said he didn't know if Sedins belonged in the HHoF because they didn't sustain their success over a long period of time... :


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    2. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      ^ I have no idea why SN650 has him on... and even less idea why the hosts don't bother to challenge him when he makes stupid statements like that.

    3. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Between 2000-01 and now, the Sedins put up more points than Marty St. Louis, Brad Richards (MacLean's bestie), Patrick Elias, Vinny Lecavlier, Jagr, Zetterberg, etc. (all those guys played at least 1,000 games during this period)

    4. pluralsight


      Never liked Maclean after he made that unprofessional segment on Burrows a few years ago, I still don't.

  3. How much of this was due to increases in the production of illegal marijuana versus increases in police targeting illegal grow-ups as an effort to funnel people into using legal dispensaries? Now that government has their fingers in the honey pot, they're obviously going to make more of an effort to keep other people from dipping into the same jar.
  4. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Loma v. Linares for May 12th (same day as GGG Canelo if that still happens):
  5. School Shooting In Great Mills Maryland

    Yeah, you stick it to those entitled kids man!
  6. Tank Thread

    You focus on the fact that anything can happen while I focus on what is likely to happen.
  7. [2017-2018] Canucks Prospect Stats Tracker

    He had another 25 games in Sweden's junior league and was a point per game player. He also was loaned to the Allsvenskan for 7 games. Still, makes it hard to judge a player when he's played so little against strong competition (I don't think much can be concluded from his 25 games in the U20 league).
  8. I love the synchronicity:


    Animated GIF

    1. chon derry
    2. Ghostsof1915




      Thought there would be more of this....



  9. Fans really want Melnyk out

    Yeah, there was a #Melnykout tshirt besides the penalty box at a recent Canuck game (can't remember which one).
  10. [2017-2018] Canucks Prospect Stats Tracker

    OP updated with stats through March 17th.
  11. When will we see Some physicality on the team again

    How is it that people don't understand that this is a league-wide phenomenon. Look at how much of an emphasis there is on positioning and playing a specific system. You don't have guys running around looking for hits because it kills their momentum and puts them out of position. I was at the game last night and there was a decent amount of hitting. Virtanen is great at hitting guys as they're breaking out of their own zone (he goes around the net, catches up to them, and lays the shoulder into them).
  12. Honestly, my opinion of the whole thing was just RCMP's attempt at a scare tactic. I doubt they would have said it to me if I was 40.
  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Yeah, I liked Ex Machina wayyyyyyyyy more than Annihilation.
  14. I got pulled over for random checks because police officers were checking where people's cell phone was located in their car. I had mine in my pocket, but the police officer told me that if I had my phone in my cupholder or my changeholder I could receive a ticket... I think that's pretty ridiculous that if I enter my car, send a text before driving, and then pop my phone in the cupholder, just having the phone in my vicinity could count as distracted driving. I'm definitely in favor of harsher penalties though. On top of preventing major accidents, people's reactions at traffic lights are always delayed because their head is down while texting.
  15. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    It would after the found Kane's name on the list and saw him in that video... JJL agreed that it would be a bad idea for the group to be aware of that this man was Lena's husband, yet they still continued on without taking precautions to avoid this big reveal. It is a pet peeve of mine when writers have characters behave in ways they normally would not as plot-turning devices.