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  1. [2015-2016] Canucks Prospects Stat Tracker

    I based it on points per game between updates, so even though Shink is at a point-per-game pace, he has only one point in the last two games (I believe).
  2. The Walking Dead Thread

  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    All from last week's episode. Also featured was the head-slide used by taller characters to come down to the level of shorter characters:
  4. [2015-2016] Canucks Prospects Stat Tracker

    Thanks for the feedback. It is usually based on approximately a point-per game for forwards and slightly lower for d-men. For goalies I mostly rely on wins and whether the GAA/SV% remained high. It is certainly not always accurate and certainly a bit subjective. For example, Brisebois has been picking up his offensive game lately, but I'm waiting for a bit more of a trend before I give him a flame.  
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    The acting in that episode was figgin brutal. Every conversation between characters involved a head tilt with movement meant to align heads/eye contact. Weirdest single-episode trend I've seen, so distracting. 
  6. [2015-2016] Canucks Prospects Stat Tracker

    I have a relatively small laptop, and I can't add another player to the AHL list because the screen-shot will no longer capture the full list. If there is enough interest in having Sautner added and someone else deleted, I can do that.
  7. [2015-2016] Canucks Prospects Stat Tracker

    OP Updated with stats through Saturday. I was away for a week, so can't really comment on individual players/games.
  8. If there was no lockouts, Sedins would have had 1,000 points each by now. Barring serious injury, they'll still both make it to that milestone.
  9. [2015-2016] Canucks Prospects Stat Tracker

    OP Updated with stats through Sunday November 15th.
  10. [Speculation] Tyson Barrie Could be Moved - Friedman

    The Avs are weakest on D, don't know why they would trade away a cheap, underrated Dman. If they are worried they can't afford him, move some of their fwds. 
  11. Acquiring Defensemen/ Defense prospects

    Mike Weber in Buffalo would bring some much needed toughness to the D-corps. 
  12. [Proposal] Monster Trade for Ekblad

    Wait until the offseason and make a solid offer to Mike Weber in Buffalo. Hard-nosed dman that can put the fear into opposing team's forwards. Won't get a guy like Komarov running around like last night.
  13. Jake Virtanen Talk

    If Virtanen becomes Kreider, that's terrific for us.
  14. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    Don't understand the burning desire for Canucks dmen to always abandon the front of the net.
  15. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    Vrbata just wasting shots.