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  1. I don't know why you'd have Thornton and Kane out on the ice to protect a one-goal lead.
  2. SJ's 4th goal... Gord Miller: Can youuuuuuu believe i.... Ray Ferraro: I CAN, BECAUSE PIERRE MCGUIRE!
  3. Do you only get a renewal gift you have season tickets for the full season? This is my third year with quarters and I've never received a thing.
  4. This thread... Jesus. It is like the more outraged people get about the far left the more overtly racist they try to be to create some sort of balance.
  5. Vegas is going to have a glut of forwards once they bring Gusev over... so they could be a good trading partner. The problem is that I just don't see the Canucks as being a team that can afford giving up resources to gain them.
  6. Kruger is great blend of "hockey man" but not just a hockey man. He has the hockey man resume, but he has had crazy success in other facets, which tells me that he isn't just the typical NHL recycling of guys that paid their dues and knew the right people.
  7. Mike Gillis said that if he were to come back to the NHL he'd want to be in a President role rather than a GM role. He also talked about how it was just too hard to do both. The Canucks need to hire someone, whether it be Holland, Kreuger, or someone else. For JB to draft effectively he needs his time freed up from other areas that can be handled by a President.
  8. Since 2003-04, Crosby has failed to play in the postseason on two occasions... one of these instances was because he was injured. Definitely a good idea for the guy to take a rest. He basically carried the Pens into the playoffs.