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  1. There is way too much human trash for a one world government to work. If there were 1 million people on the planet it could work, but not with 7+ billion...
  2. Hellstar Remina
  3. It's a joke, they should be making my burger at McDonald's it's more productive than what they do now.
  4. This is sick.... since they killed NHL on PC we need the community for stuff like this. Anyone nice enough to share where to find a copy of the game?
  5. You're right, I'll probably take that down. Here I created a better game imo anyways:
  6. Hey, here is the Google Play page: On Amazon App store: Thanks!
  7. Jagr is the all time leader in Game Winning Goals. Respect
  8. The fact that we all need to co-exist in a 'system' is the problem to begin with. Exchanging time for money is not for everyone.
  9. ... loser? He's probably far more successful than you and most people on this forum lol
  10. Strikeforce is slowly taking over. Their heavyweight tourney is better than anything that the UFC has ever done. Couture vs Machida? Fukn joke.
  11. MMA needs to fix judging asap, it's just ridiculous. Nick Diaz baby, most well rounded fighter in his division.
  12. Carwin will destroy Brock it won't be pretty. Finally all of these stupid teenagers with no MMA knowledge will stop hugging Brock's nuts.
  13. Another casual fan who knows nothing about MMA and thinks his opinion means something... sigh...
  14. So a guy who hasn't lost in 10 years (and was never "beaten") gets flash subbed by a world-class jiu jitsu dude, and now he is total crap? Most of the people posting here are UFC fan boys who hardly know anything about MMA, and probably never even watched it back in the Pride FC days, and they somehow think they know something... Most of you dolts know NOTHING about MMA, please stfu until you actually learn something. The only thing you know is "LEsnar is Leetz fighter".
  15. Jung vs Garcia was the fight of the decade. Make sure you watch it just in case you're not a true MMA fan and did not watch WEC... it was better than 99% of all UFC PPVs.