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  1. Too bad it didn't work out the way you wanted.

    I just happen to know a guy who would also be a D-Man that lives in your area who took a ride similar to the one you were posting about. I would have found it hilarious if it turned out you were him.

  2. Unfortunately due to some recent happenings like going back to school and knocking up my wife, I was not able to go on that motorcycle ride. However I did manage a trip to edmonton for my school ... yay...

  3. Did you ever get out on that motorcycle ride? By chance was it this past weekend via the Fraser Canyon?

  4. why thank you, kind sir!

  5. Best sig in a while! Congrats

  6. http://committedindi...-up-500x333.jpg always thought these two looked alike. EDIT: sorry for some reason it wouldn't allow me to attach the pics
  7. This is pinned? Next thread " mods ... Do we really want them?"
  8. this first one is a bit of a stretch but here yah go thats brad delson from linkin park here are a few others I have noticed I tried to add pictures of mats sundin and John locke from lost but the site wouldent let me use the links for some reason. so Use your imagination someone already posted the kyle wellwood and Ben Linus lookalike so I wont repost it.
  9. Shouldn't your avatar have a D battery and not a 9 volt?

  10. I like to get drunk on mouthwash and blow in my dogs face for several hours