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  1. Beauty flail by Krejci... hook, line, and sinker.
  2. Shut up, Pierre McGuire. Edit: (Watching NBC stream, with particularly awful American homerism.)
  3. This singer is awful.
  4. Oh, Aaron Ward—what a dandy!
  6. Burrows is gonna get his goal tonight.
  7. Hamhuis! BRUTAL.
  8. The real sign we're in trouble: Dan Hamhuis is our "enforcer".
  9. OMG the crowd howls... like coyotes. That's my breaking point. Let's make a new hockey league with all the Canadian teams, the remaining four Original Six, Pens, and Flyers. That's all. Let the Southern teams have their games with cheerleaders, Cartman, howling, Disney movies, half-empty arenas, "hardcore" fans since 2011, and Fox Sports broadcasting deal complete with a glowing puck. I'm done.
  10. How? Brown scored, and there were no LA injuries. The only victories belong to the Kings tonight.
  11. We're certainly making them pay tonight...
  12. That wasn't "sending them a message" it was "giving them momentum". Patience is a virtue.
  13. That's now two BS calls on Kesler.
  14. How is the Bickell hit on the icing not a penalty?!
  15. Patrick Kane has really matured. He seems more humble, even though he's still an immensely talented offensive player. He's a long way from that bastard with the cocky smirk you wanted to smack off his face.