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  1. Heck yes! =) So glad he resigned!


  3. ahaha ohyea <33

  4. I too have high hopes in him returning but I just wish the Canucks would sign him for a longer period of time - maybe like two years or something but oh well, I'm cool with one year because it is another year of watching him play.

  5. how likely would he not take this amazing offer. not really aye. so for me, i have my high hopes > = ]

  6. He hasn't resigned yet... Canucks just gave him an offer and he hasn't responded to that yet. I wish he had.... =( Where did you hear that he resigned?


  8. Heyy, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that management will resign him. Hopefully it will be a multi-year deal. He really provides a spark for the team and I like the passion that he always have for the game. =)

  9. I too am a big SOB fan. Hopefully MG will re-sign him. He is the biggest Nuck and the only one over 220 lbs. The Nuck's need more guys like him. Cheers.

  10. hey! i noticed your a SHANE FAN TOO. have you signed the petition???

  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    THANK GOODNESS - it's nothing serious. I just hope that he is okay and nothing serious will come out of it as the stories that I have heard are not exactly pretty.
  12. i think you've summed up the team so far....i'll bet gillis and the coaches miss the same things....i know the players are capable of this kind of hockey....they just haven't been able to sustain any consistancy yet....let's hope they can turn it around or gillis can infuse some onto the team who can light the fire....smithers joe