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  1. 33 tied with Anson, but in my books he already surpassed. Way to go Alex.
  2. Kes, Sedins and Lu will shoulder all the tabs for dinners, meals, night outs, etc
  3. if packaged with the Sedins. However, he does have good hockey sense and all rounded player. I say around 2-3.5 mil.
  4. i 100% agree with this article by Cam Cole: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Burrows+parents+appalled+treatment+their/2457093/Silence+still+part+hockey+golden+code/2435381/story.html an exerpt: "But whatever the league decides to do with Auger -- as a warning, and a punishment -- the Canucks need to do their part, too. They need to make it clear to Burrows that what happened Monday happened because of a history of cheap histrionics, and it's got to stop."