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  1. Ya I don't understand this guys post either or when people go so crazy on "canadian teams". I know this point is overdone, but it's not like they have necessarily more players born in our country anyways. The league has teams who play in both countries, it is not "canada vs the usa". Only Canadians seem to have this complex of hating teams from the other country and it being a national rivalry and not a hockey team rivalry. Cheer for your favourite team regardless of where they play their home games... cheer against their rivals at all costs. What does it REALLY do for us if Montreal wins the cup over Anaheim? It doesn't mean you are less Patriotic if you want Anaheim to beat Calgary... it means you're a Canucks fan.
  2. No one focuses on that here though. I'm a canucks fan living in calgary and its bad. It's the only fanbase that cares more about their opponents/fans then their own team, or the series. Almost every social media post... wine or lose, is about how the canucks fans suck, how they're nothing but rioters. They take joy in the riots that happened and pretty sure they're happy they did because they give them ammunition. Many of them say grabbing an unsuspecting girls boobs on 17th ave is better then smashing windows in vancouver. We will always be "rioters' to them, and 'worst fanbase in sports' to them. But they are hypocritical and arrogant and all just laugh at us and say how $&!#ty the city and fans are. It's a tough week to live here haha
  3. Nope they don't put shirts out... there's that many jerseys out here. Lots of oil money so people can afford them... and lots of people just keep them in their closets until they make the playoffs, dust them off and put them on for the first time in 6 years.
  4. I remember probably 7 or so years ago my friend was working in a Calgary nightclub and Tie Domi was there after the game. 2 Flames fans were harassing him and trying to lure him into a fight and threw some stuff at him. Eventually he asked my buddy to have them kicked out and handed him $50 after he did so. Living in a city that loves to hate on Canuck fans so much, I'm sure they will shrug this off and bring up riots if I try to make the comparison. Even the self-proclaimed "great fans" (*cough cough) here in Calgary sometimes act out of line.... but sadly, it will be this incident that fuels the Anti-Vancouver fire here.