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  1. I’m reminded of the time I wanted to treat my puppy to a nice big smoked femur. But he would just get so excited and p!ss all over the floor. At the time he was having trouble with the house breaking so I couldn’t just reward him with the bone after p!ssing everywhere. So I put him outside, bring him back in and try to give him the bone again. But again just p!sses all over the place. “I want to give you this bone” I scream. But I can’t. And he can’t stop p!ssing. “How are you not out of p!ss? Surely you want this bone?!” But no. He did not get the bone that night. And I ran out of paper towel.
  2. Get out of shower and look at score: 2-1 Canucks. Swear to myself because I know it’s false hope and they’ll blow it. Get into bed and wife asks why I’m swearing. I tell her. Then say “I’m afraid to look at the score”. Looks at score. 3-2. Shocker.
  3. Backyard full of mushy dog sh!t in the spring Vs Disgusting litter box 24/7
  4. Asking for a pessimistic friend: Does Benning choose the first rounder going away before or after the lottery?
  5. Beyond frustrating. This team been watching too much Taladega Nights. If you ain’t first, you’re last.
  6. Wtf happened? I see 5-1, ok cool. Go spend some time with the wife..... 6-5L???
  7. They should’ve added 3 or so years at the end for 1m each to lower that cap a bit.