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  1. It's our time boys. 1 more, we can do this. believe

  2. I'm vancouvercanucks2011 from Tumblr!

  3. we'll win the cup in 2011. GO CANUCKS GO!

  4. Oh, cool, I never knew you had a bro that played in the NHL. There's lots of johnson's in the nhl. XD

  5. Hey Ryan! That blog you just did was very interesting! Hope you keep posting more. Good luck in tomorrow's game vs. the senators & Welcome back to Vancouver, :D!

  6. Catching up

    I love your blogs Ryan! I hope you keep posting more! Welcome back !
  7. Hello Ryan, I'm a big fan. I'm looking forward to reading your future blogs! :D

  8. hey wats up? just came back from school...:/ You watching the Canada game today? Or the Canucks game?