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  1. This "crapstorm" thing is catching on!
  2. Haha thanks for clarifying I wasn't sure.
  3. Waded through this crapstorm of a thread and still have no clue if he cleared or not.
  4. Is there seriously no way to access the messageboards in the ap now? That was the only thing I used it for, but I used it for that several times a day!
  5. A player that impressed me this game was Burrows. He was hustling, landed some good hits and generally played like he cared about the result. A good example for the youngsters.
  6. Well Sutter could always play with the Sedins. That was the original plan I believe.
  7. What about Jamie McGinn? Admit to not knowing too much about him but statistically and age wise he looks like a good candidate and probably not too expensive. What is the knock on him?
  8. Not to mention they have to give some playing time to the players who are otherwise stagnating while waiting to play.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they rotated and played no more than 2 of the 3 rookies per game. Lowers the risk and extends their NHL time before anyone needs to be sent down. Only those who surprise will be kept at that point. I am betting Hutton will be the one will stay based mostly on positional need.
  10. Ottawa here and an Ontario born Canucks fan since 1991-92 People are often puzzled why I became a Canucks fan but the answer is simple: Pavel Bure. The late nights are brutal but on the plus side my wife is pretty much always in bed so I rarely have other demands on my time or tv that conflict with the game. Gamecenter Live is probably the best money I have ever spent.
  11. From IMDB: The NHL hockey game that The Ghost watches (or pretends to watch) on the TV in the hotel bar is between the Vancouver Canucks and St. Louis Blues on January 23, 2008. The voice of announcer Jim Hughson can clearly be heard on the CBC broadcast, naming such Canuck players as Markus Näslund, Mattias Öhlund, Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin.
  12. In the 2010 movie The Ghost Writer there is a Canucks game prominently playing on the tv.
  13. I think this is all about negotiating better terms on extending Eddie Lack. Benning wants to use the threat of a trade to get the contract he wants from Lack. He is then free to trade whichever of Markstrom or Miller that gets the best return. If Eddie doesn't play ball, he will be the one traded. Eddie wants to play here and I think we will see a great deal signed and then someone other than Lack moved out. I hope he moves Miller but it all depends what he can fetch.
  14. And Willie's master plan comes to fruition, shutting up all the haters (I hope).
  15. Flames had to pour a ton of energy into that comeback. Not to mention all the icing calls. Advantage Canucks as the game goes on and fatigue kicks in.