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  1. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face. For your information I have an inflammation in my tear glands.
  2. A Bad Restaurant

    Benning and company went out to free agency and spent money on hired guns to make sure people wouldn’t cancel their reservations, even though they knew it was entirely possible the meals would still be bad, just different. But I will still give them a chance as new chefs are continually filtering into the restaurant system as promised and they have not compromised the future to solve the problem now.
  3. So we spent to the cap, encouraging fans to renew tickets and thus still maintained 95% attendance, but didn’t suffer at all in our long term rebuild plans. Sounds like a feature, not a bug. Not saying Benning designed it to fail intentionally, but that he went with high risk reclamation projects that would either be awesome or crash and burn. Some were awesome, some crashed and burned. What does everyone want Benning to say? “ok folks we just spent to the cap to convince you to come out for games even though we knew it was very possible we were terrible.” People keep saying Benning didn’t have a plan. I don’t believe that is true. Much ado about nothing.
  4. Evil Benning: So convinced I am right I will refuse a pick and take the prospect I want instead!

    Also Benning: I will lie to the world and claim that no draft picks were offered and that this prospect was the best I could get!

    Also Benning: ???? Profit


    How does it make sense in the whiners heads? He wasn’t able to get a pick for the rental guys we were offering. Other players are more likely to be traded at the draft instead.


    Why is this so hard to comprehend? We have the UFAs we have largely because pretty much no one else wanted them. Otherwise they would have signed with a better team. Hard to get value from scraps. 

  5. Benning says they would have preferred getting picks but they weren’t available. Seals it.
  6. So no one was willing to offer up much of anything for Vanek, and Benning took what little he could get. It’s a net win because it frees up ice time for younger players and helps the tank. What is there to to complain about? If there were sweet draft picks on offer do you really think Benning would refuse to take them?
  7. Trade deadline OVER/UNDER Benning trades.= 0.5

    I hope for at least two but expect one.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Great signing. Can shore up the defence for a couple of years and then traded for assets. Gives what little defensive depth we have some time to marinate.
  9. Benning Extended (Official)

    Benning will get us there. So glad and relieved he was extended. It would have been nothing short of a disaster to let him go with all the progress we have made for the future.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    Virtanen is responding under Green. He will have ups and downs but I truly believe he will get better and better.
  11. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    Why not play both of them? We can use all the hitting power we can get right now!
  12. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    About time! This makes me very happy.
  13. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I would have been more cheered up by rewatching episode 3 of the current season of Black Mirror.
  14. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    We just aren't good enough yet to compete blow for blow with a team like that. We will have our day but no shame in losing a hard fought game to a better team. Some bad luck, some bad reffing but odds are we are going to lose that kind of game 2 times out of 3 and I can live with that for now. We are headed in the right direction, and a couple of years from now I think it will be a different story.
  15. Vanek's Value (Circa Jan. 2, 2018) Discussion

    We shouldn't get too attached to veteran UFA signings. The whole point is for them to do well and rebuild their value. Helps them, helps us.