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  1. They are delicious with a corned beef sandwich?
  2. Wut? Been a fan since 1990 despite growing up in Ontario. No idea what you are talking about. I don't post very often because there are too many idiots who say things like "Dim Jim" for example. When he was signed he said himself he had experienced a difficult time adjusting in the past before he got comfortable and started to contribute. My opinion is that he will have a much better year now that expectations are much lower.
  3. This year Virtanen will become an important bottom 6 contributor on the Canucks. In two years he will start to come into his own.
  4. Louie is going to have a big year this year. He has hit rock bottom and I feel now that the pressure of expectations is off he will be a much better hockey player. That can only be good for us.
  5. Even I voted for Demko.
  6. Thanks for the sig I live it!
  7. You are super awesome for all the work you do on these boards!
  8. Hey sorry I wasn't clear I meant something from the movie with V for Virtanen. But this is cool also. Could you just change the text to V for Virtanen on this one?
  9. Jake shall rise again.
  10. If I had to guess at what is going on here it is this: management wants experienced assistant coaches since we have a rookie coach. Experienced assistant coaches aren't exactly lining up to work for a crappy team. Brown is.
  11. So can we officially say that the media was wrong, and tanking to rebuild has now been proven largely pointless? If the Flyers can pick 2nd, anything can happen. Play to win. 

    1. Wilbur


      Agree, play to win.  I am very anti-tank but you still need to make moves for next season and beyond once you're out of it.  I wouldn't take back the Burrows and Hansen trades or rush players back from injury when you're already out of it

    2. VforVirtanen


      Wilbur: exactly, agree. 

    3. debluvscanucks
  12. The good news about all of this is that it proves for certain that tanking is pointless. The team should go for it every year and play to win. Despite being villified in the media, Benning and company were right. The Flyers are laughing pretty hard right now at teams who tanked and got burned, including ours. I am not saying we bring in veterans or anything idiotic, but play to win and rebuild on the fly. If you fail, you fail. If you succeed you teach these young players to win. Either way you might or might not get lucky with the draft. It proves in my mind that the lottery is NOT fixed that the NHL would allow teams just outside the playoffs to win and compromise their beloved parity. The silver lining for us will be in those years where we become a competitive team again, but having to yet become a true contender. We will always have a chance to win the lottery.
  13. Virtanen will throw off the shackles of oppression and rise up! Next year he will break out.
  14. I am going to predict we come in 3rd as we are prone to finishing just below the bar of top tier players. Hope me I am wrong and we get lucky but I would certainly take third.
  15. A lot of signs are pointing to the Canucks knowing that he wasn't going to stick around. Makes me think the mystery is solved of why they didn't trade away a dman to resolve the "logjam". How long do we retain his rights if he decides to return to the NHL in future? This is pretty much much nothing but bad news but if you want to look for a silver lining it frees up a dman who can get top minutes in a high quality league that we may be able to bring back in the future when he has actually earned those top minutes that he desires. That gives us space for other prospects to get a chance, and it's not like we are winning in the next couple of years anyway. All assuming we retain his rights.