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  1. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Why dont you go to bieksa's house and suck on his chode a little more. Ballard had nothing to do with your thread and then you go and bash when hes playing fine here? You are a moron
  2. Where's RyJo's Mojo?

    And who do you suggest we put in his place?
  3. Hey thanks...appreciate it.

    Great game beating the Hawks almost as much as the Flames.


  4. Well she certainly dosn't look like Pavel ;)

  5. Lol at westside.

    Keep doing what your doing Deb

  6. Meet a CDC Member Week 1 - hockeyville88

  7. Optimist Prime - 11.27.2009

    Yes the pics real... He sometimes skates with the team and scrimmages with them.