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  1. can i have the one ?:$

  2. NO NEVER! MY iPAD 2.

  3. wanna hook up an ipad 2?

  4. We murdered them D:

    You criminal:/


  5. the parties? they just died :|

  6. Why'd you quit them ?:P

  7. lmao how do i when im not in em either ? -.- we should make our own ;)

  8. Tell em I said hi next time ;) Much better not being a part of those convos anymore.

  9. ever since u left it hasnt been as fun

  10. I left for a reason :)

    Obviously their dead without us, we were the only funny ones

  11. u ditched us :( straight just left..

    dw the parties are like dead without me and u :$

  12. yeah Tindy your gorgeous

    Psh Junkies dumped me like a garbage truck, what can I do?

  13. ur a cutie sanny :$ way to ditch junkies :(

  14. pan chote dont speak to me like that :P

    You dont even speak to me at all anymore:(