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  1. Has anyone noticed the past few games that when the Canucks score, there seems to be a lot more enthusiasm in Shorthouse's voice?  Just rewatching past few highlights of the games, and seems like there is more energy in his voice.


    Myers, Millers goal vs Buffalo and last night with Leivo's goal, I could hear John's voice glow with more excitement.


    Past few seasons have noticed it wasn't there as much at all really, kind of sounded like same level of intonation as when the opposition scored.

    1. Roberts


      agreed! I thought so as well

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Shorthouse knows how to properly elevate his voice based on the level of drama/excitement in a game. It's a good balance of being excited at the right times without sounding too excited all the time.

  2. Ferland missed the remainder of the regular season and parts of the playoffs because of his right shoulder. Did not have surgery on it. same shoulder he used to hit Kerfoot last night. Could potentially be that right shoulder injured again.
  3. Got too caught up in the run and gun style with the Leafs. That isn't our style. We need to be tight defensively in order to play an aggressive style of game, and felt we strayed away from that trying to match the Leafs' skill and speed which isn't our strength. I thought we didn't get nearly enough traffic in front of the net and nor did we use our strength of grit and physicality to pressure the Leafs. 15 hits and 3 of them coming from Ferland in the 4 mins he played in the first period showed that the team sat back on the forecheck and didn't really use their physicality to make the opposition uncomfortable.
  4. Someone send Tryamkin a VHS tape back to mother Russia of Morgan Reilly. - With love from Willie
  5. I predict the overarching narrative will be either, Toronto's skill and speed burns an unprepared Canucks team or Canucks out muscle and outwork the vulnerable soft Leafs. Use our size, grit, and sheer determination to out play this team. They have skill, but we have the will to go along with some skill.
  6. Still need to see a better level of engagement in Boeser's overall game battle. Sure he is picking up points, but he often looks like he is coasting and watching the game rather being right up in the battle, unlike what he has done the past two seasons. Perhaps his mind is elsewhere maybe with his Dad's recovery, but really noticing more and more moments of each game where you just think what in the world is Boeser doing or thinking on that play. I've been harping on Brock all season long, but I do expect more from him in his third full NHL season. Its time to ramp up the intensity, he is too important for this team for him not too.
  7. I hope Bo is okay. Happy with the W, wished someone answered the bell for our captain. Even just roughing Montour up, is that too hard to ask?
  8. Demko has to make that stop. Some routine saves he is missing on.
  9. How about calling a damn penalty to protect the guy? Refs effing incompetent.
  10. Someone please step up for Captain. Can't keep allowing that to happen to our leader.
  11. He was covering the pass to the point, that is Hughes' missed coverage there.