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  1. Nilsson left back to sweden. But Anton Cederholm you forgot haha....all swede team
  2. Nice adding depth to our defense. Will he become another |Tom Nilsson or will he be a different story?
  3. Matteo Gennaro Is Jakob Stukel's teammate, and despite a pretty weak Calgary Hitmen team, Matteo led the team in goals and points. big bodied centre. I'd offer him a look at prospects camp
  5. Despite having a rough year, he averaged 20:31 mins last year, second on the team behind Alex Edler. If they plan to scale back Edler's mins, much of it will fall on Hutton's plate. Almost feel pairing him with a stable defensive partner like Tanev will benefit both. Both extremely mobile, smart, and athletic. That should be our number one pairing next year. Hutton-Tanev Edler-Stecher ?- Gudbranson
  6. Just curious, why is there such a large crowd against Gabe Vilardi? If he fell at 5 I wouldn't hesitate to take him. Is it the skating? If anything that doesn't worry me too much because just look at Leon Draisaitl, Joe Thornton, Ryan Getzlaf, and Jamie Benn . Not great skaters by any means but still very successful.
  7. damn was hoping Linden would make a movement to switch to the skate jerseys.
  8. huh...they must've donated or supported the school in some way i guess?

    1. goalie13


      Not necessarily.  Universities grant honourary degrees all the time.  Often, it's done in conjunction with the University's graduation ceremony and the person receiving the degree gives a speech to inspire the grads before they go out into the real world.

  9. the more i think about it, by the time Gaunce goes back to Vancouver to do his surgical check up it will be mid june, a week before the expansion draft. Even if things turn out good for Brendan, Vegas would definitely be gambling on him assuming he would be fully healthy from shoulder surgery. Considering Gaunce also is an RFA, and the Knights can only select up to 10 RFAs at the ED, I find it hard that they would waste their selection on Brendan. But the question now lies, does Vegas find anyone on our expansion list appealing enough to bypass Brendan? Part of me hopes so, because I'm of the mind that Brendan has just scratched the surface of his full potential, and that one game against Pittsburgh was a good showing of that.
  10. all the best to Cunny!
  11. I would wait until after the expansion IMO. There are too many Jet's forwards up for grabs if Winnipeg were to do the 4,4,1 protection expansion plan. I love the physicality of Lowry though, but losing a right hand centre would be pretty devasting to this group considering Sutter is the only Right hand centre, and he was our best faceoff guy. Plus i dont think the canucks management would want to risk leaving Sutter and Gaunce unprotected at the expense of Lowry.
  12. Need more of this from Bater's this coming season. If we are truly allowing youth to start taking over, gotta let some antagonistic players come up to to help protect one another. Love Labate and how he is so physical. Suprised not much talk about him. Despite his short stints with us, he was noticable in all games being physically active.