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  1. I know people said he had a disappointing season, but 10 points for a fourth liner is fairly standard, and was good defensively, while providing some good mins on the penalty kill. Not saying he is safe, but considering Roussel likely starts on IR in the fall, Schaller gets a second chance. We don't have much grit in the system besides him, MacEwen, Virtanen and Gadjovich. Wouldn't mind seeing him be a 13th forward.
  2. I would like to actually see Luke signed to be the 7th dman and at the same time drop Tanev down into the 3rd pairing role with Hughes and have both him and Tanman switch in and out periodically. Preserves Chris Tanev longer while also taking him out against heavier teams such as Anaheim, Vegas, Calgary, and allowing Schenner to play those rougher games, but in the games where more puck control and speed are more of concern, drop Tanman back in there. Considering Tanev plays between 40-55 games a year, that wouldn't be a terrible game plan and hopefully have Tanev fresh for the playoffs. Edler-Stecher Hutton- (new acquisition) Hughes-Tanev/Schenn Sautner I love Schenn and what he did to resurrect his career, but the torrid pace physically is not sustainable over 82 games, and he is at best a good spot duty player. So perhaps have a 50-30 games split for Tanev and Schenn.
  3. I understand why DeBoer is shortening the bench, but I wouldn't do it on the defense. Its exhausting. This is why having 3 capable defense pairings are essential.
  4. lolz E Karlsson seems to have been on the ice for all of Vegas' goals this series
  5. Gotta say of all the series so far, this one has been the one that has had me at the edge of my seat. I expect a extremely tight checking game tonight with lots of physicality.
  6. Gio at 35 played unreal for the Lames this year.
  7. Dan O'Connor has a really underrated broadcasting voice. Great call by him.
  8. Would love Brock Nelson, plus he also played primarily LW when the Isles still had Tavares, and playing more center this year, it would make that Petersson line more versatile. Having a winger/centre hybrid could allow TG to throw that line out even in defensive zone draws to gain possession quicker, which could help transitioning the puck out quicker out of our own zone. Nelson is also defensively responsible too. I'd be down for Nelson, big body, with skill and two way awareness.
  9. Christian Fischer 6'2'' 214 lbs, 22 years old, RW. SCOUTING REPORT Assets: Has the size and strength NHL scouts love, and is very solid along the wall and in one-on-one puck battles. Also displays very intriguing playmaking skills, which make him power forward material in the NHL. Flaws: Needs to bring it more often, since he is a bit too inconsistent at this stage of his development. Also needs to become a bit better in defensive situations and when he does not have the puck in general. Career Potential: Talented power forward with some upside. Fischer, Christian ELC RW NHL 22 $821,666 $821,666 RFA CAREER STATS Stats powered by Elite Prospects SEASON TEAM LEAGUE GP G A P +/- PIM PLAYOFFS GP G A P +/- PIM 2015-16 Springfield Falcons AHL 6 2 1 3 -6 0 | Windsor Spitfires OHL 66 40 50 90 35 34 | PLAYOFFS 5 1 2 3 -7 0 2016-17 Arizona Coyotes NHL 7 3 0 3 0 0 | Tucson Roadrunners AHL 57 20 27 47 -17 28 | 2017-18 Arizona Coyotes NHL 79 15 18 33 -17 14 | 2018-19 Arizona Coyotes NHL 71 11 7 18 -13 27 | NHL TOTAL NHL 157 29 25 54 -30 41 | PLAYOFFS - - - - - - Could be a sophomore slump where he regressed from a 33 point rookie season to a 18 point season. However, Rick Tocchet didn't even have Fischer in the lineup towards the end of the year. Fischer had spent majority of his rookie season beside Clayton Keller and Derek Stepan, however, find his way down the lineup and eventually found himself as a regular on the fourth line, passed on the depth chart by Vinnie Hinostroza, Josh Archibald, and Conor Garland, all players under the height of 6 feet. Could Christian Fischer be had for cheap, JB seems to like finding diamonds in the rough and bargain bin shopping? Only 22 years old and still lots of time to find himself as a player. I know we have a glut of middling six forwards in Pearson, Baertschi, Goldobin, Virtanen, Leivo and we would only be adding to that glut, but Fischer still has potential to be a top six player and perhaps regain his form he had in his rookie season One part of his game I really liked from his rookie season was his underrated set of hands to win puck battles in tight and find an open man for a pass. Not saying he is a stellar playmaker, but it does seem like he has the ability to make those kind of players. He isn't the typical bruising power forward, rather a new age powerforward like James VanRiemsdyk, Brock Nelson, Blake Wheeler who can play down low but make good passes and his big body can serve as a distraction. Most importantly, he isn't afraid to be in front of the net. Too often the Canucks played far too much along the perimeter. Fischer's hands, size, and awareness allows him to change that for us. Thoughts?
  10. Utica has been decimated for 2 years straight with injuries. Johnson did some work to shore up depth in Kalamazoo by signing Kyle Thomas, Vincent Arseneau, Reid Gardiner, Brandon Anselmini, Jagger Dirk, Ivan Kulbakov. However, it wasn't enough. The Canucks really need to invest in their development in the ECHL and allow prospects to develop there too. Allowing guys who can't seem to find their way in the AHL team can develop there and find their way in the pro game.
  11. I like this series for the fact that Mackinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog are top players but doing everything possible to win. They are forechecking hard, hitting, blocking shots, and getting right up in the face of the Calgary defense and goaltending. They have hands and skill, yet they aren't scared to fight through traffic, players draping over them physically, and even having pests like Tkachuk and Backlund in their face. Canucks don't need bruisers or players that are willing to fight, what they need is players who are willing to tough it out and fight through the resistance they get. Bo Horvat is a great example of that. Need more players to be willing to push through. We saw a bit this year who is willing to do that and who isn't and I'm sure we will see more of that this coming fall.