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  1. Even the President and GM can't be on the same page. That is most frustrating. From the owners, to the president, to the GM, to the coaching staff, and the players, there is some huge level of disconnect.
  2. 1) Only have 5 draft picks going into this draft (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (Our fifth round pick we used for Larsen is conditioned atm that could become a 4th to edmonton if he reaches certain amount of games according to capfriendly), (6th in Etem trade for Jensen), and our 7th). 2) placed 28th currently in the standings (albeit only a handful of points out of a wildcard spot). Should be a fun next few months. If Benning is so stubborn to keep this team competitive, than add necessary pieces to help this team continue that trend. Waddling in the middle doesn't do anything, and the lack of decisiveness is starting to become Benning's legacy now.
  3. Finally the bulldog will be released...hopefully. I love Alex because no matter how long he has sat out, he comes in like a dog to a bone. I remember going to a game with a friend last year against San Jose, and Alex was just hounding each forward on the boards. I like his board play much similar to Stecher's because he is so aggressive, he makes life pretty tough for his opposition.
  4. Canucks have good starts in the first, but always very sloppy starts in the last two periods. Coaching staff, players together need to rally around one another better. Too often they start out the gate slow and waste a good chunk of time when they need it. They didn't wake up until Henrik got his goal. By then already what a good 4 mins had past.
  5. I like that even despite the twins both scoring tonight (learning how to shoot) refused to do that in the final minute when they actually needed to. Rim it around the boards, cross ice pass and cycle.
  6. Why does it take Henrik and Loui forever to enter the zone after a dump in? Seriously.
  7. Loui Eriksson's defensive game really isn't all that good. He is caught watching the game too often
  8. ffs the Sedins effing back passes is giving me cancer.
  9. Canucks need to refocus, not keeping their eye on the goal at hand
  10. When will the NHL player safety and the NHL learn? Does it really have to take a player being stretchered off for something to be done about these kind of predatory hits?
  12. Skille if anything should be playing with an edge and desperation to prove he can be a rightful replacement for Dorsett in the depth chart. I like his speed and drive to the net. Needs to show it more
  13. PP sagging to their old ways of passing and doing nothing forever. Perry Pearn either needs to change his philosophy or sit the twins off the PP. tired of watching that crap.