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  1. Underlying numbers according to Sportsnet is that the Minnesota was ranked 25th in the league when it came to giving up shots, and the Canucks were 4th in the league in shots given to the opposition. Wild play a relatively low event game as the Canucks play a very loose run and gun game. The Canucks need to clean that up, because Minny is an opportunistic team and can really strike quickly too. Seeing how we were trending into the break, we were playing too loosely defensively and giving up way too much to the opposition. Sportsnet Iain Macintyre also noted that the Canucks play a half court cycle game that often leaves the forwards too deep in the o-zone and leaving the defense hung out to dry. I like our chances, but I also am concerned about our defensive structure, and Minnesota is a veteran savvy team, that they will pounce on our mistakes.
  2. Considering that this team will look different with a lot of moving parts, no better opportunity then right now to make a run. Likely the last time we may see some fan favourites play in a Canuck sweater like Tanev, Stecher, Sutter and who knows what happens with Toffoli, Marky, and potentially Virtanen.
  3. Knowing TG's tendencies, he constructs the lineup that matches up well against the opposition. Given the circumstances with the pause and likely players will be rusty, I gather he will select his lines based on who gives him the best utility and those who are most up to speed. Minnesota is a quick and has multiple lines of attack. I do believe Green will orient those lines to counter Minnesota's so I expect the top six to stay the same, but the bottom six will be used to be more defensively oriented. Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Motte-Sutter-Virtanen Roussel-Beagle-Gaudette
  4. On paper we look better but Minnesota has shown that they aren't a team to overlook. The Wild really seemed to buy in into Dean Evason, who knows perhaps they catch lightning in a bottle and run with it. Are they a serious concern, no, but certainly cannot overlook them still a good team on that end.
  5. Don't think there is much choice. They would have to find someone to expose or who knows perhaps the league steps in and does it for us which would be worse. Likely the team brings back Louis Domingue for the purposes of exposing him or another veteran goalie.
  6. For some reason, I imagine him reacting the same way when the young Canuck players are jacking around haha
  7. I foresee Jasek being one of the few players next season being recalled to the big leagues. I loved how he took on Cull's comments that he wasn't going to make the NHL as an offensive player, and totally reinvented his game not only as a two way player but made a very very nice transition from wing to centre. Shows me not only is he a versatile player going forward, but is teachable and willing to adjust himself to be successful. Easily gets overlooked because he doesn't bring the offensive stats people look for, but his game is maturing and was arguably one of the better defensive forwards for the Comets this past season. he is no slouch in the ozone either, he still has the creativity and ability to put up some decent numbers, but he is going to make himself a good career as a cerebral bottom six forward. Could stand to add more muscle to his frame, but I have no doubt he will be seeing NHL games sooner rather than later. He may not be top 10 worthy for people, but he is super underrated and deserves a lot more attention from Vancouver media and fans.
  8. Does anyone have news whether the KHL plans to start their season on time in August? Part of me also wonders if the following NHL year does not start until the new year, and Podkolzin finishes his season (assuming the KHL follows their time frame as normal) whether we get Pods mid season, and likely for a playoff run along the way. Man that would be exciting haha. Pipe dream but with so much uncertainty who knows. I am just really excited about this kid. Trying not to get ahead of myself or over hype him as the prospect, but man I am really eager to see what he looks like on North American Ice and on a team with a lot of young talent for him to work with.
  9. I feel Amirov is going to be an absolute steal in the first round for whoever gets him.
  10. Nobody wins coming out of this. The media has picked up this story and ran with it and likely won't stop until a resolution comes to pass. All I see on media and on the sport radio shows now is that, John Weisbord did/said this, Jim Benning did/said this, Judd Brackett did/said this and it never stops. The organization and the fans get dragged through the mud and volatility of this situation when we thought this organization was starting to regain some sort of stability. Just make a decision already, if Judd and management are budding heads, end the narrative and separate so that this speculation and gossip can stop. If you think things can work out get it done.
  12. Canucks were rumored to be interested in Mike Futa before they hired Jim Benning in 2014. Not saying he would be Judd's replacement, but Judd isn't the only draft connoisseur in the league. Mike Futa's drafting for the Kings in the last 5-6 years has allowed LA to have one of the best prospect pools. Wouldn't be surprised if Canucks approached him too if what they say is true that the relationship with Judd is heading for a divorce
  13. Really liked Leivo's season until his knee injury. Thought he provided a lot of different looks for the team, whether it was brief moments with Petey and Brock, with Bo and even on a checking line. If you can ink a deal that is relatively cheap, he would give this team great depth in the bottom six. I think he really found his game in Vancouver, hope he is retained, because he really seems to be a guy who enjoyed being a Canuck.
  14. Really excited to see him next training camp and see how a healthy Olli will look like. I was a huge fan before he was drafted and really wanted him over Tkachuk, still think he is a super smart player and capable of making a difference for this team.