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  1. Green said that Gaudette was "unfit to play" tonight so might mean he is also injured. But even if he drew back in, Sutter is a better centre than Gaudette. Gauds looked mainly a deer caught in the headlights in game 1, I'd expect him to play wing if/when he gets back into the lineup for the play in series.
  2. Did not appreciate the final few minutes there. Again the Canucks seem to pride themselves on hard work, but they take shifts off in long stretches. Canucks figure your crap out. You aren't good enough to do stuff like that.
  3. I think playing a pivotal position as the third line centre was way too much for him to handle in his first playoff game. People tag on Sutter, but man he has been solid tonight. I think Gaud still gets in but as a winger. I've always thought his tenacious forecheck and speed is far better on the wing than at centre.
  4. I hate PIMS but Myers can take one all day long if it means protecting the captain. Love how the boys are looking out for each other here.
  5. Boeser making a statement that he ain't giving up that spot beside Petey. He wants that spot
  6. This team likes to take shifts off. Funny how the team prides itself on hard work, but seemingly have brain fars and forget to play hard for stretches of the game.
  7. Most likely the move I thought would happen. Thought Gaudette really struggled in game 1, he looked all around very nervous.