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  1. Really hoping Cole finds his game this season and gets some high minutes with some valuable players. Besides Labate, he kept being cushioned with PTO players which doesn't help for building chemistry or a rhythm.
  2. Has good playmaking skills, good skater and played wing in ottawa. Could be a nice piece beside Brandon Sutter.
  3. Nice should be a solid addition to help the offense in Utica. Definitely Baummer's hand in this addition for sure.
  4. So I'm bored, and we all know what boredom can do to a fellow CDC poster, so I figured I will do a series of players Canucks can target on the trade market that fit the bill of what JB is looking for. I will try to go in depth as much as I can, but tbh I have no idea what the analytics mean so I won't bother to try and pretend I know what it means haha. He is looking for grit, scoring and a player to play on the wing preferably on the second line to insulate Sven Baertschi's development. Yesterday we took a look at 1) Anders Lee today we look at Zemgus Girgensons. SCOUTING REPORT Assets: Has imposing size, defensive acumen and offensive ability. Likes to play a physical game. Can produce plenty of offense as well as overpower opponents at lower levels. Can play all three forward positions. Flaws: The jury is still out on his long-range scoring output at the National Hockey League level, and he may have to settle for third-line duties. Must continue to fill out his frame. Is inconsistent on offense. Career Potential: Big two-way forward with some untapped upside. YEAR TEAM LEAGUE GP G A PTS +/- PIM PPG SHG GWG TOI S PTSPG 2015-16 Buffalo NHL 71 7 11 18 0 20 1 0 1 15:02 110 0.25 Latvia WC 7 1 0 1 -5 4 1 0 0 21:32 21 0.14 2014-15 Buffalo NHL 61 15 15 30 -16 25 1 3 1 19:04 115 0.49 2013-14 Buffalo NHL 70 8 14 22 -6 14 0 1 1 15:18 115 0.31 Latvia WC 6 2 0 2 1 29 0 0 0 16:40 12 0.33 Latvia Olympic 5 1 1 2 -2 2 1 0 0 18:12 9 0.40 2012-13 Rochester AHL 61 6 11 17 -7 28 1 1 0 - 91 0.28 Latvia WC 5 1 0 1 -3 0 1 0 0 17:20 10 0.20 2011-12 Latvia WJC 6 2 0 2 -6 6 1 0 0 - 16 0.33 Dubuque USHL 49 24 31 55 17 69 5 0 6 - 166 1.12 2010-11 Dubuque USHL 51 21 28 49 7 46 9 4 6 - 150 0.96 The 6'1'' 203 pound player loses quite a bit of attention due to the Kane saga, and hype around new guys Eichel and Reinhart. What he brings: - versatile, can play wing and centre - can play all all specialty teams (net front presence, or last minute preserve the lead) - already established NHL player (worse case already a third line player) - likes to be physical, using his body to protect the puck and can stick up for teammates just youtube it (had 110 hits, 115 hits the past two seasons) - smart two way player, fitting nicely into the team's model of two way responsible Why to be concerned: - After considering being on a better team than years past, failed to reach same numbers as to prior season. - offensive ceiling is at question whether he can be a true top six forward ------ The numbers don't show a favourable outcome for Zemgus Girgensons. He failed to match his career high of 15 goals and 30 points this past season with only 7 goals and 18 points. Despite playing key minutes on the special teams, he was relegated to playing the third line with the likes of Brian Gionta and Johan Larrson. Sabre fans seem to be annoyed that Dan Bylsma didn't use Zemgus in the right role, thus seeing less development in his game this year. Why he fits: 1) Sabres have a wealth of forwards at front. Especially done the wing and middle. Projected lineup for next year Kane - O'Reilly - Reinhart Moulson - Eichel - Okoposo Girgensons- Ennis - Gionta Foligno - Larsson- Deslauriers and possible additions of Jim Vesey, Girgensons could be pushed down further down the depth chart. He would fit very nicely beside Brandon Sutter and Anton Rodin, allowing the Canucks to either push Jannik Hansen down the lineup where he belongs most likely beside Baertschi and Horvat, or pursue a trade. Plus because he plays centre, if Brandon Sutter is injured, Girgensons still fills in as a safety value to insulate Horvat. Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson Girgensons-Sutter-Rodin Baertschi-Horvat-Hansen Plus Girgensons grit and added two way play would allow him to improve all special teams, whether the net front presence on the powerplay on the second unit or being a shutdown PK duo with Brandon Sutter. 2) I think after a poor season, this is the chance for the Canucks to pull off another buy low deal. The Canucks succeeded prying once prized forward Sven Baertschi from Calgary, Canucks again can do the same with Zemgus Girgensons. There is a deal of uncertainty if he can bring his level of play beyond a third line player, but when under Ted Nolan he was given many opportunities to shoulder the load, and was only 21 at the time, and faired well enough to have expectations coming into this past season. A change of scenary and role may help him flourish, plus he isn't far removed from his days in the USHL where he put up very good numbers that earned him to to be a top 15 pick. He is only 22, he can only get better, and unlike players like Emerson Etem and Markus Granlund, he is already an established player. He is a current RFA right now, seeking a new deal and coming off his first ELC, a bridge deal might be the best case scenario. What would it take to get him here?
  5. We all know Jim Benning is looking for a gritty winger who has scoring upside. A lot of chatter has surround guys like Gabe Landeskog and Evander Kane, some high prolific names in the market, however I'd like to think they are at the top tier echelon of players of that ilk. However, I believe Jim Benning is working the phones to find some hidden talents or guys that most people wouldn't bat an eye at much. I feel Anders Lee could fit the mold JB and the Canucks are looking for to be competitive in the West. SCOUTING REPORT Assets: Has great size for the the National Hockey League level at 6-3, 227 pounds, so he knows how to cycle effectively and maintain puck possession. Can score goals in bunches, too. Flaws: Lacks game-to-game consistency. Needs to improve his play without the puck and in the defensive zone, in general. Must also use his body more effectively (and more often). Career Potential: Big, complementary forward with a little upside. YEAR TEAM LEAGUE GP G A PTS +/- PIM PPG SHG GWG TOI S PTSPG 2015-16 NY Islanders NHL 80 15 21 36 -2 51 8 0 3 14:34 183 0.45 2014-15 NY Islanders NHL 76 25 16 41 9 33 5 0 6 14:23 197 0.54 Bridgeport AHL 5 3 2 5 0 2 2 0 1 - 18 1.00 United States WC 10 1 4 5 -1 2 0 0 0 14:03 15 0.50 2013-14 NY Islanders NHL 22 9 5 14 3 14 2 0 0 15:43 68 0.64 Bridgeport AHL 54 22 19 41 1 83 9 0 5 - 161 0.76 2012-13 NY Islanders NHL 2 1 1 2 -3 0 0 0 0 8:12 2 1.00 Notre Dame CCHA 41 20 18 38 18 37 4 1 2 - 135 0.93 Why he fits: - Anders can play the powerplay as a net front presence (where he scored 8 pp goals this season), we lack a net front presence - He is 6'3'' 228 lbs, last two seasons he had 169/164 hits and is willing to drop the mits when need be (Our hits leader was Dorsett with 129), Lee can help in playing a gritty department that we lack in the middle six of our team - Has proven he can score at this level, and with limited minutes as he played on average 14 mins this season. - versatile at wing or at centre - Still young at 26 years old, and has found his game at the NHL level. No need to wait for what he may become. Why to be concerned: - Can score in bunches but can also disappear for stretches - Isn't considered a defensive specialist, can play a two way game but is better suited in offensive zone - coming off a fractured leg injury -------------- He isn't a top flight player, but certainly can hold his own. Considering that this team may not have the assets to chase after top tier players, we do have room and assets to move for players in a level down an echelon. I think Anders Lee could be affordable. Why? Ladd- Tavares-Parenteau Bailey-Nelson-Strome Lee-Grabovski-Kulemin Chimera-Czikas-Clutterbuck The Islanders want to make room for the likes of Alan Quine who faired well in the playoffs, Shane Prince who also gave them some good scoring, and the likes of prospects Michael Dal Colle, and Matthew Barzal knocking on the door. The Islanders still have to resign RFA Ryan Strome, and only have about 3.6 mil to sign him. Could the Canucks provide some cap relief? Lee is signed for another 3 seasons at 3.75 mil, is reasonable. Next question would be, could the Canucks pry him from NYI for cheap? and What would it take? Any thoughts?
  6. Wonder what their salary is like, would be nice to have some cheap NHL salaries on roster
  7. Its not about a chip on his shoulder. Its probably about trying to hammer out a 1 way contract deal rather than a 2 way deal. 1 way deals means that even when sent to the minors he can still obtain the money that he would get if he were in the NHL but in the AHL. Many players like Grenier will try and hold out for 1 way deals over 2 ways. Its a tactic to get money so that he can actually have enough to actually live off of. Minor league players don't make a lot, and when you are pretty much an AHLer for life, you don't pocket as much especially after taxes. Alex is just trying to look out for his well being not just for next season but for seasons on forward and after his playing time. It may be still a game but its also about trying to make a paycheck too. Does he deserve to hold out? Questionable, but he has every right to do it as a free agent.
  8. I like how the team is assembled atm. Rather see the Canucks wait it out and not make any more additions and just let the rookies and vets battle it out for spots at training camp.
  9. Kid has grit too. Knows how to toss em when he needs too. I remember when he was drafted scouts and GM Yzerman raved about Vlad's hockey sense and lauded about how he was a player that showed up every night. Not a physical kid nor is he offensively going to dominate games, but his work ethic would have teams lining up for him. If his ticket is cheap enough and the Lightning aren't asking too much, I wouldn't hesitate to snag him.
  10. Something has to give... Someone might wanna steal Namestnikov off TB's hands
  11. I would like to think Rodin can have a Joonas Donskoi effect on this team. Bubble around the middle six of the team and add some good offense and still find himself on the powerplay here and there. Realistically, is 25-35 points a reasonable range to expect? My only concern is not so much will Anton get it done, but more so what kind of chances will WD give him and whether he is going to be patient like he was with Sven.
  12. With Utica looking for some scoring up the middle, Cole is going to be given every opportunity to refind that side of his game, and find an extra gear defensively. Im glad Travis decided to stay on one more year as a Head Coach of Utica. He knows how to push his players...definitely will do that with Cole.
  13. This team sorely missed Sutter last season. Bo was forced into a role he wasn't quite ready for. Eventually Bo will be a second line centre...but for now Having Brandon Sutter is to insulate Bo. We are a better team with Sutter as a centre than any other position. We lineup against other teams a lot better him at centre too. Teams now a days have more than one scoring line threat. Having Brandon and Bo as a one two punch down the middle frees up the Sedins for for better offensive lineups, and gives us the ability to counter with two sound defensive centres.
  14. Jets are huge, skilled, mean, and fearsome. If only they had a good goalie, they would be a team to fear night in and night out.