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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    Wonder if he skips the youngstars tourney just as a precaution so he has more time to heal up for main camp. Wouldn't be opposed to that.
  2. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

  3. [Report] DiPietro could stick in NHL if he has a good camp

    lol nah So on a 23 man roster we keep 3 goalies? Gimme a break
  4. Tim Schaller | #59 | C Article from June 1st... Looking at him being ready in Early September.
  5. Canuck PTO's this year ?

    Wouldn't be opposed if the Canucks brought in Veterans like Stewart or Emelin for a PTO. Even a past PTO in Scottie Upshall would be cool too. Some veterans who know how to play a physical brand of hockey for a preseason filled with players who are seeking to be sh*t disturbers and earn themselves a job. Nice to keep those loose cannons in check. Especially if we are planning to play a lot of the kids to see what they got, having some extra muscle in the lineup is nice.
  6. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    Like Burrows, Roussel is a smart player. He knows where to go to find the puck and how to get the puck onto the sticks of skilled players. There is a reason why Lindy Ruff, Ken Hitchcock, trusted Roussel to even flank the wing of Seguin and Benn at times over the past 4 seasons. He knew where to be, what his purpose was, and he didn't deviate how he played a physical, intimidating brand of hockey. I think he will be a very good piece to compliment a skilled line. Perhaps help/protect a young kid like Elias Pettersson, and Loui Eriksson Not expecting him to be an offensive provider, but I feel his game will allow for skilled players to find space on the ice.
  7. Canucks to bring back skate logo and jersey for 50th season

    Time to make these regular alternates
  8. Cody Hodgson

    I suffer from the same diagnosis, which has stopped me from competing in competitive sports, even sometimes playing in recreational hockey is hard at times because my heart often suffers from large palpitations that often cause me to get dizzy, and feel extremely winded. I dont know for Hodgson, but I can sympathize because its not easy playing with that diagnosis.
  9. Fair to say the Olympics needs Hockey more than Hockey needs the Olympics?
  10. Fair to say the Olympics needs Hockey more than Hockey needs the Olympics?
  11. Vote on the Canucks' alternate jersey for 2019-20

    Credit to S7 who does amazing graphics: Good gosh I want all 3 jerseys on rotation haha.
  12. Michael DiPietro | G

    Just based on his character and aura about him that he carries, makes him a leader already on that team. Hunch is that not only are they leaning on him to stop pucks, but to be a culture carrier of winning, and competitiveness.
  13. Jett Woo | D

    Going to believe Woo has an inside running for the 6th/7th dman spot because the kind of game he plays. It is so unique and distinguishable from the rest of the Dman invited to Canada's summer show down roster, as all of them are puck moving dman. Woo was the only one that brought physicality and in your face mantra.
  14. Best radio personalities for Canucks coverage

    After listening to Dan Riccio over this past season, he and Dave Sheldon who both did the evening show during the hockey season were pretty good. The only segments I like to listen to are Halford and Brough in the morning and Dan Riccio and Randip Janda during the mid afternoon show. Satir Shah and Alex Auld have become my midday staple while doing tedious work.
  15. Jett Woo | D

    Dying seconds and Brady Tkachuk giving Jett Woo some dirty upper cuts while he is down...what a prick. He is a true Tkachuk.