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  1. Grit, Character, Heart, and 4 wins on the board!
  2. Edler shouldn't be allowed on the PP until he learns how to properly put the puck on net.
  3. I liked Johan Larsson until now...that man is a dead man
  4. Sutter, Hansen and Granlund is playing like a first line.
  5. Canucks are snoozing a bit.
  6. Gaunce got a bit of hands of stones problem. Often looks like he is fighting the puck when controlling it.
  7. His salary is ugly....hell no For next 6 seasons breakdown is 7, 6.5, 5.5, 5, 4, 4. If you wanna handcuff a team you take that kind of salary...he is LA's problem not ours.
  8. Nux need to be on their toes early. Buffalo is notorious for fast starts, and their speed is what they will use to catch us off guard. Happened both last year in the games we played against them. Expecting a bounce back game from Eriksson, hasn't been as advertised the past 3 games.
  9. With a strong team upfront, I wouldn't put it past either Winnipeg or Ottawa making a pitch for Marc Andre. The goalies they have now are meh.
  10. Daniel Johnston - name sounds familiar, was he a prospect that joined us for the youngstars tourney a few year back?
  11. Too little sample size to say where any of the four are at. Let the season play out, GM JB is always on top of things, plus if you try to sign them now, guaranteed that the agents will bargain high especially after the past 3 games. Wait for the season to mature, and we can truly see what the worth of all four of them are.
  12. Bring back Donny and GValk for after game sessions/analysis. Sportsnet is getting filled up with just pretty faced people who don't know jack about the game.
  13. You want heart, you want grit! You gotta love this effort from the team!
  14. This team has no quit. Takes a lot of heart. Bo stood out for a third straight game. He has already put this team on his back, no doubt that he will be a complete leader for this team for years to come. Still think though despite the goal Tanev was trying to much. Needs to simplify his game, i know the defence are trying to all supply some offensive support, but pushing it at times isn't always the right play. Loui Eriksson still looks nervous and isn't handling the puck very well. Seems to bobble it quite often. Needs to calm down and just do his thing.
  15. Tanev is trying to do too much. Hasn't been good tonight.