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  1. Kinda would like to see him on the powerplay, see what he can do with the puck.
  2. What people don't also give him credit for is that he is a relentless forechecker, with the combination of speed and resilience, its not surprising how successful he is on top of that skill.
  3. I read from a scouting report online and it said that Middlestadt is offensively dynamic, but defensively isn't very conscientious. Mainly because he doesn't seem to skate as hard in the defensive side of things compared to the offensive side. From what we know from watching the WJC, and if you followed North Dakota, Jost is much more dynamic as a two way guy, but as the smarts to be successful offensively as well. Hard to see the Avs trading away Jost, he seems to be their upcoming captain for the future.
  4. Canuck management making sure there is a healthy group of prospects in Utica next season. I like it, means less signing of potential Jayson Megna's and less inclination for Utica to play odd players on ATOs and PTOs
  5. Common Sven, gotta be better at clearing dat puck
  6. question becomes, who comes out if he is ready? My guess is probably Tryamkin, but would be a shame, since his game really is rounding out into form.
  7. Kid got only 9 mins of ice time but scored a goal, 4 shots, and 3 hits. He made due despite small sample, barely any sleep, and playing double OT yesterday. Didn't look out of step at all but definitely was running on adrenaline.
  8. Effing Henrik is garbage in the defensive zone. 3 times to get the puck out.
  9. Would like to see Boeser and Goldobin on the PP. Enough of this Tanev and Sutter mess, put some players on with real pair of hands.
  10. Lost in all the focus on Boucher and Boeser, Goldobin has quietly had a nice game in all three zones. Good outlet passes, smart defensive coverage, a lot more urgency in all three zones, and showing more confidence with the puck.
  11. Have not heard John Shorthouse sound more excited for a goal since the 2011 playoffs
  12. Wonder if Miller leaves, whether Canucks management is comfortable enough letting Bachman be the backup to Markstrom and Demko as a regular starter with a UFA goalie signing in Utica?