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  1. I understand teams will go through that phase but I don't necessarily believe that is the case for Utica. Because of the many years that the Canucks didn't do great on the draft floor players like Bo Horvat, Ben Hutton, Troy Stetcher all placed in the NHL in regular duty. If the Canucks had properly dont enough to supplement over the years before I'm sure they would have spent some time in the AHL longer to help the Comets out. Even trading away Jared McCann to get immediate help for Gudbranson, when he would've been in the AHL for the Comets this year I'd assume along with Jake Virtanen. You could argue Baertschi, Conacher, Hensick were very skilled guys but they either came after the trade deadline or made the jump right to the big club like Baertschi did and didn't see time until later into the Calder Cup playoffs. Yes they had Shinkaruk, but pretty much carried the load offensively for two years, while some AHL Point is, Utica has never really had a good influx of good offensively skilled talent coming into their system. Either the prospects that probably were destined to go were expedited quickly to fill holes up in Vancouver, were traded away, or never panned out after being drafted. Which speaks volumes to Travis Green as a coach mustering up everything that he could from this offensively challenged group. Canucks need several more good drafts like this past year to stack the cupboards up again, because even with the likes of Gaudette, Pettersson, Palmu, etc come into the farm system in the next year or two, with the twins possibly leaving and further holes being opened, we could see this vicious cycle where players are fast tracked up and Utica gets the stiff end of the stick again. Not that i thought Zhukenov was going to be a revelation at all for the Comets, but adding any source of offensive flare and production is sorely needed for this farm team.
  2. Does anyone know of any good sites to buy jerseys online?  I tried amazon and ebay but they don't have some specific jerseys I like to look for.


    Mainly looking for the older Manitoba Moose jerseys when they were apart of the Canucks affiliate 

  3. Tanev's deal looks better and better.
  4. the SHL would've started before the tourney, so Elias Pettersson who has signed a 1 year deal with Vaxjo team (Philip Holm's former team) he would not be eligible for the Youngstars tourney. But JR is right he is free for prospects camp in July.
  5. I have a soft spot for Anton, hoping management gives him another look. A healthy knee will allow him to show his full potential as a player. I see a similar mold of a player like Pontus Aberg. Small, skilled, fast and feisty. I think if you have a Granlund-Sutter-Rodin third line, defensively responsible, but a line that can offensively push back too.
  6. Gotta feel bad for Utica. Ever since that Calder Cup run, the team lacks that skillful forward group. Poor drafting and players either making the jump straight to the NHL or leaving, has left a large gaping whole talent wise on the farm.
  7. I like him, did well playing in the top four role for the Leafs, and was responsible in all 3 zones. For the right price id be down for signing Hunwick. I'm not a fan of rushing Olli Juolevi in the mix nor do I have full confidence Pedan can be a regular.
  8. this would be the guy I'd gamble on. Might work nicely as the 2nd line centre to replace Henrik while we wait for Pettersson to develop.
  9. Great raw offensive skills, but man his compete level, defense, skating, physicality and overall commitment is sorely lacking. For a kid 23 years old, man he has a lot of ground to cover and make up. Worth a gamble, but not holding my breath to sign him
  10. More grit I suppose?