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  1. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    Precisely my thoughts too. With the emphasis on bringing in younger talent, and with an excess on wing, Baertschi looks to be an ideal candidate to be moved. But wonder if his shoulder injury throws a wrench into that. Does he have to clear a physical or have a medical evaluation to be traded?
  2. Anaheim bunch of sore losers....classless bunch from leadership down. Absolute trash dirty antics and cheap shots.
  3. Tyler Motte | #64 | C/W

    Going to be interesting how things shape up come fall, there are a lot of potential wingers on roster that are waiver eligible, but Motte is not. I like that despite his size, he channeled an inner Alex Biega, and literally hit whatever moved on the ice. Also during the Edmonton Oilers game, Motte was literally a thorn to the side of McDavid all game long. After whistles you often saw Motte in the face of McDavid, which was often met with a slash to the legs or a face wash by Mcbaby. The guy can agitate, and has the wheels, and physicality to be a solid checking line forward. I wasn't really feeling this deal at first mainly because of his size, but Motte over the stretch has made me change my tune about smaller players and has made me pause before I speak about a deal made now. All the essential tools are there as a responsible hockey player, just hoping he is able to add to his repetoire, some offensive capabilities. My thinking is that if Brandon Sutter is going to be playing match up mins which likely is North of 15+ mins even strength, you gotta compensate that with some offense too. I'm not about having a shutdown line that spends 95% of the time in their own zone. They gotta be able to push back offensively too.
  4. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    I read an article about the Vegas Golden Knights style of game was not to physically manhandle teams, but to use their speed, and sticks to separate the man from the puck. I remember vividly the writer commenting how good Vegas was at creating turnovers because they used their skating speed and active sticks. Brendan Leipsic was likely using that system that was implemented by Gerard Gallant, to forego using a physical body which does take up a lot of physical energy to plaster players against the glass, and choose a more cerebral attack by looking for opportunities to use the stick to steal the puck, and use body positioning through speed to gain an advantage, and a lot of times its conserving energy to identify when to spring out with an aggressive/high energy attack. This goal is a prime example of what was typically implemented in Vegas hockey. Even William Karlsson said, this style really allowed him to be more successful because instead of paying attention of laying the body, rather it was about anticipation, speed, and being smart with his stick. I will say this though, through that final home stand of games that I went to, I did notice Leipsic tends to turn the motor on selectively, he doesn't skate as hard as he should at all times in the defensive zone. Often does coast, almost Goldobin like coasting before Goldy figured it out. Late in games, TG elected to sit Leipsic when the games were close
  5. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I noticed despite him not being an explosive skater, he seems/appears from the video to have a solid centre of gravity. He doesn't blow by defenders, but when they try to engage him physically, it looks literally like they are pushing against a tree rooted into the ground. Could definitely work on those first few strides, but how he looks so strong in his legs when he plants them really reminds me how it allows Patric Hornqvist to be so effective in the corners and in front of the net. Jonathan Dahlen seems to have a higher skill set, and adding that heaviness of his game will really bold well.
  6. Gotta say Minnesota Wild have one of the better goal horns in the league. Only a few other goal horns are better...Detroit's in the Joe Louis Arena, and Chicago's goal horn are the only ones that i would say are better or on par.
  7. I feel sorry for the fans who have to listen to Paul Romanuk's game to game commentary. We are truly blessed in Vancouver to have John and John.
  8. Bob Cole upset with being left out of playoff broadcasts

    The sad part is that they replaced Bob Cole with Paul Romanuk who literally makes nails scraping chalkboards more preferable.
  9. Something else that I realized that the Canucks will miss about the twins besides the many things already said, the Twins combined played 207 playoff games.  They together have played more playoff games than the whole rest of the team combined (192 playoff games).  


    Interesting fact is that out of the 16 teams in the playoffs right now, we would rank 2nd last in most games played, just above Colorado (whom have in total played 175 playoff games)


    Not saying playoff game experience provides absolute guarantee that you will win, but having those experienced vets who have gone through the process helps.  Going to miss those 207 games those twins played.

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      the jets aren't conforming to stat history they look like grizzelled  vets out there ,but they are a different animal 

  10. I know that Right handed Dman are rare to find, but if hypothetically you had some real quality ones, is it too odd to pair two RHD together?  You often see two left handed pairing dman together, but never two right handed dman pairings.


    For example would it weird to sign John Carlson and pair him with Chris Tanev?


    I know for a while Anaheim did a Vatanen-Bieksa combo early this season.



    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      not really for a Tanev pairing, he's not really going to be shooting anyway 

    2. RetroCanuck


      somewhat weird. I mean why would you when you can make 2 pairs stronger?


  11. Jussi Jokinen | #36 | LW/RW

    Loved how it was expected that he would ride the pressbox for the rest of the season after being dealt here in favor of the younger players, but once he got into the lineup, he never came out because he was responsible, versatile, and like @-AJ- referenced, displayed in game smarts that allowed him to be successful. Would love to just have him around to help mentor the kids in special teams play and in the shootouts. We sorely lack someone who can be creative in that department.
  12. Sam Gagner | #89 | C/W

    I know people don't really care for Sam Gagner, but when Bo was out long term, I thought Gags did a great job centering Vanek and Boeser and being the primary offensive line for a few weeks. Didn't produce as much as what was advertised when he first signed, but I thought like Michael Del Zotto, both filled in adequately, just that the team forced them into positions above their usual capabilities. I think both a great bottom six support cast roles suited them well and you could see down the final 10 games, they performed better when they were contained in more manageable roles.
  13. Idk why but Paul Romanuk's commentary really just isn't suited for hockey. He lags behind the play by a few seconds when the play has already long past, constantly mixing players up (even players who aren't even on the ice) or just simply lacks the proper vocabulary to describe the current situation/play. "dazzling buccaneering effort" "slips the deuce" "goodly" "stobied" He literally is such a buzzkill, I had to turn to a different game because he makes listening to his commentary so painful.
  14. I would assume Dallas would want to find another second line centre if they lost Spezza, and considering we don't have any centres to offer, they would be chasing someone either in another trade or through FA, meaning likely they won't be taking salary back. In that case I would ask for a high return like OP said a 1st round pick.
  15. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    ah didn't see the article, only saw the tweet.