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  1. Defence 101, if you don't know where the puck is, check the opponent's stick. ffs
  2. Considering how so many players have been underperforming at the beginning of the season, the Canucks are still able to find ways to get things done. Tanman just doesn't look like himself Baertschi struggling to gain confidence Virtanen looking apathetic Eriksson still absent from the goal department If the team is going to go anywhere, these essential guys need to pick it up. Gotta love Biega's ability to just insert himself anywhere in the lineup and without any fuss. Consummate team player
  3. Would like to see Nikita Tryamkin draw into this one and smash in Kesler's face.
  4. Really don't think Burrows belongs in the top 12 forward group. Maybe a good 13th forward but tonight was a huge indication how much his game has declined. He is lucky Dorsett is hurt and gets a longer look, but honestly he isn't effective enough 5v5 (sure he is a good penalty killer) but can't have guys on roster only meant to pla one aspect of the game. Henrik all game long was making high risk passes and no looks into dangerous spots for his teammates. Needs to be held accountable. Team looked tired tonight but happy they worked hard to get the one point
  6. Still waiting to see what warranted Eriksson to get a 36 million dollar contract.
  7. getting a little tired with the Sedin's sh*t passes
  8. gotta get Baertschi and Eriksson going tonight. Can't have two top six forwards starting off slow, they need to pick up the pace starting tonight and be ready to go. LA lacks speed so we need to dictate the pace of the game early and force them to play that way. Nervous about this one. LA will be motivated...first real test of the team tonight
  9. Who is Olli's D partner? Is it Victor Mete?
  10. Grit, Character, Heart, and 4 wins on the board!
  11. Edler shouldn't be allowed on the PP until he learns how to properly put the puck on net.
  12. I liked Johan Larsson until now...that man is a dead man
  13. Sutter, Hansen and Granlund is playing like a first line.
  14. Canucks are snoozing a bit.