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  1. I dont usually do it, but i was bored on the toilet
  2. Knowing JBs track record i wont be surprised if Subban is shipped out by the deadline. Another Grandlind for shinkaruk deal.
  3. Friedman is right...any news gets set a blaze in this market.
  4. Played for the Calgary Hitmen in junior. Can be sure that they probably kept tabs on him for a while. If he can stay healthy, he is a good get.
  5. If Gaudette signed automatically this season he would burn a year off his ELC, for Boeser, it would take 9 games in the NHL/(and I assume AHL? to burn a year off). The 9 games rule only applies to 18 and 19 years old players, but Gaudette is 20, and Boeser is 19.
  6. Biggest question is, does the management sign them right as they are done and burn one year off their ELC, or do they wait til the offseason to preserve that 1 year. Honestly, I'd rather wait til the offseason this summer and max out that ELC for the following next 3 seasons.. Plus who knows when the next expansion draft may come, and saving that one year of pro til next season will be nice in a way of protection for both.
  7. still feel that Benning will justify saying "oh they hung in it, maybe if I leave it alone and add a small piece we will be okay"
  8. Couldn't get the puck towards the net in the final two minutes. Won't tie the game unless you shoot. Benning you know what the right thing to do is at the least Canuck nation hopes you do.
  9. Eriksson is sooooooooo slow. Its insane how slow he processes the game and how weak his passing attempts are
  10. game ova! 3 goal deficit is too much for this team to overcome
  11. With Ottawa losing Hoffman and Stone to injury, will they take Eriksson for Lazar??
  12. Sutter needs to learn how to toe drag. Dragging on his other side of his blade allows the goalie to set.