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  1. There needs to be consistent lines out there too for that fourth line. Continuous juggling of the lines doesn't help them understand their placement on the ice, chemistry is hard to create when you have a new guy there every other game, and assignments/on ice positioning gets totally out of hand. There is so much more to Brendan Gaunce's game that he has to give to us, and its such a waste seeing him being stapled to the bench.
  2. Team better buy Miller a juicy steak dinner, because he held them in there.
  3. Eriksson has had a really bad game defensively. Definitely don't trust him out there
  4. This team has hands of stone. Can't shoot, can't accept a pass, can't make a pass. This team needs to work some long hours with Glenn Carniege.
  5. Sbisa is tired, he is having lots of major mistakes, and is standing still.
  6. ffs canucks wake the eff up
  7. Edler for Max Pax?
  8. twice Eriksson is standing still on the pk.
  9. Henrik is very lazy on puck battles. He loves to watch the puck dribble away from him.
  10. Why have the Canucks become so passive all of a sudden?
  11. Burrows got a point.. Patrick OSullivan must be dying atm lol. Guddy with a big fight and wheels Martin. Good game so far.
  12. lol this guy is still relevant?
  13. Maybe instead of "shooting" coaching staff need to redefine it as "pass into the net" for Henrik.
  14. The twins have been quiet for too many games now. They need to pick up their game hear if they are going to suck up all the PP and 5v5 offensive zone draws.