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  1. So Luca Sbisa has 4 points in 6 games...more than any player on our team besides Brock Boeser.  Glad he is doing well though.

    1. Quantum


      Too much pressure in Vancouver, was asked to play above his head here.


      Also... keep in mind, Sbisa's in a contract year. Got claimed by an Expansion team. Was exposed in the expansion draft by one of the worst team's in the NHL last year... he's playing to prove that he still deserves to be in the NHL.


      I'm curious to see if he can keep it up. Hell, I'm curious to see if Vegas can keep it up this entire season. Loving what I'm seeing from Vegas from an underdog perspective. That said, impressed with Sbisa... wish he showed what he's showing in Vegas in Vancouver last year... but I'm just happy he's playing well.

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I liked what Sbisa brought.  Good #5 defenseman who can step in and play in the top 4 when the injuries happen.  Would have liked to see what he would have looked like with Gudbranson as a partner but wish him all the best.

  2. Actually really like that Gagner-Horvat-Vanek trio. Teams might underestimate this trio, might give them more space and time on ice to be creative
  3. LOL Brendan Gaunce....walks right in as Dan Murphy is doing a close up
  4. Gunna say that injury might have saved him another year. If he is slow off the gate from returning, management will justify it as the injuries cause. Was thinking if he was non-productive again this year, a buyout might be looming in the summer, but this injury just might have gave him a grace period.
  5. Huh, wonder why he only got the 10.
  6. uh oh Dorsett is hurt?
  7. Adda Dorsett bloodied the charging SOB.
  8. Kinda like that Vanek-Horvat-Gagner line.
  9. Pouliot looks so confident. Loving his aggressive game
  10. ffs stop icing the damn puck
  11. He honestly looks like someone who can't make up his mind on whether to rush up in the play or defend, and gets stuck in no mans land.
  12. TSN 1040 - Coach Green commented on Baertschi saying he is close to scoring, and he is showing some confidence. I couldn't disagree more. Sven has been an absolute hot mess
  13. Find it so odd that they are playing Carter Bancks as the number one centre over Michael Chaput or Jayson Megna but seems to be working so far. Possibly offsetting Goldobins deficiencies defensively?
  14. Poor guy, was wondering why he had left the game. Good for him though that he is finding life after hockey. still be forever one of my favourite players