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  1. Ya naw, this guy had a father that like to smack him around a little, who didn't? Some people aren't even lucky to have fathers at all never mind afford the privilege to play hockey. Also I don't think he's the first player to have something said about him that was harsh, however he keeps bringing it up as crutch or something to fall back on. Im fine with the chirp, and Im fine with dark humour presented in some the comments on this thread.
  2. thats literally the exact opposite of what actually happened this season to Burrows
  3. Never understood Canucks fans that actually want or like the idea of getting rid of Burrows. Makes me want to vomit. Burrows is a f*cking legend in my eyes. He's a a total rat pest, but he's OUR rat pest, arguably the most clutch Canuck of all time and nothing but heart for this team his whole career. I honestly feel he's more valuable to us here, what with the youth movement, than anything we could realistically could get for him. No to mention, look at what he's doing with Bo at the moment. Burrows in another jersey is a &^@#ing nightmare for me.
  4. Best move is too keep Virts and let him develop over a couple seasons in the A. I haven't lost faith in the kid, he clearly just needs time to mature and figure out his game and whats going make him successful. Id rather him fail and rot in Utica than to see him get traded and start lighting it up somewhere else, f*ck that. He needs a mentor and a good kick in the ass and I think we'll all be happy. How bad does it look on Benning if when he's already traded McCann he goes and trades Jake too. Im a Benning supporter but even that has me scratching my head.
  5. I feel we are deeper and the accountability or fear of losing your spot makes you play with a little more grit or heart or desire whatever yo want to call it. Also theres probably a big 65 points sign in the locker room as a constant reminder of no one is giving them respect. Sutter came exactly as advertised, he's foundational player. He is a big part of this team now for sure, having him healthy and in the line up makes us significantly better.
  6. Personally I think if Luongo isn't in your top ten your part of the problem with Canuck fans...... Sedins obvy Bure Burrows Bertuzzi Luongo Linden Kevin Beiksa Rick Rypien Pat Quinn BOOM! Honorable mentions to MATS SUNDIN YO!!!!!
  7. Ya I dunno I think Luongo is a no brainer. This franchises best goalie ever ..........youd have to be a pretty lousy franchise not to recognize that
  8. people with beliefs like this are what is wrong with the world. just the absolute worst fan. EVER
  9. Canucks one huge big bright spot being Tanev and you want to trade him......to the f#@king oilers of all places. LETS DO IT
  10. Utica won't be winning anything this year unless Benning stocks up. The best place for him to learn to be a professional is to surround him with them. Again he just finished his first year in the NHL as a 19 year old. If anything starting him in Utica is a step backwards. It has nothing to do with rushing him, thats already been done. He has spent loads of time in the community this summer showing he's on the right path to becoming a pro. Ya i just don't see it, he'll come out and compete for a spot on the team for sure.
  11. why do people think it would be good for Virtanens development to be sent down to the AHL? especially after the way he ended the season. way more beneficial for him to be with the big club. maybe if he had spent last year with utica and wasn't ready but he's showed progress at the NHL let him stay.
  12. Easy answer, all the qualities Bo provides with a little more a nasty wrist shot.