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  1. Ya I dunno I think Luongo is a no brainer. This franchises best goalie ever ..........youd have to be a pretty lousy franchise not to recognize that
  2. people with beliefs like this are what is wrong with the world. just the absolute worst fan. EVER
  3. Canucks one huge big bright spot being Tanev and you want to trade him......to the f#@king oilers of all places. LETS DO IT
  4. Utica won't be winning anything this year unless Benning stocks up. The best place for him to learn to be a professional is to surround him with them. Again he just finished his first year in the NHL as a 19 year old. If anything starting him in Utica is a step backwards. It has nothing to do with rushing him, thats already been done. He has spent loads of time in the community this summer showing he's on the right path to becoming a pro. Ya i just don't see it, he'll come out and compete for a spot on the team for sure.
  5. why do people think it would be good for Virtanens development to be sent down to the AHL? especially after the way he ended the season. way more beneficial for him to be with the big club. maybe if he had spent last year with utica and wasn't ready but he's showed progress at the NHL let him stay.
  6. Easy answer, all the qualities Bo provides with a little more a nasty wrist shot.
  7. What could we get for him should we ask for a list of teams? Obviously I know he would have to agree to be moved and I guess the value would be dependant on how many teams he willing to go to. But Im curious to know what you guys think.
  8. raff was instrumental to both the success of Edmonton in 05-06 and Vancouver in 10-11. People just want to look at stats and not remember what actually happened and who was doing what. see man theres a bright side to everything. maybe harder to find but if Virts peaks at Torres level its not the end of the world.
  9. says you. who are you, a scout? no chance you can make that call. This city is nuts. Fans repeating what they did to Cam Neely. Just be patient with the kid. not comparing skill obviously comparing the "giving up too soon similarities".
  10. NHL a youngs mans league? says who? both penguins and sharks core were not very young, no? there is no formula, its always changing. things change man. Big trades happen and ya good things can happen. no point stressing yourself out like 90% of this fan base. Ive been a Benning supporter since day one and there may be something to say about ownership meddling but I nor you nor anyone else on here can do anything about it so the only you can do is support the team. Thats what makes cool fan bases. Support when they need it most. Not whiny doom and gloom fans.
  11. Ya I guess I just prefer not be all doom and gloom. Stranger things have happened. Good things are coming. Smile !!!
  12. I think with the right moves this team could contend in three years for sure.who knows what he does with the 5th plus Demko and Boeser are the real deal. A full rebuild to me means the Sedins are gone and nobody smart should want that. Not saying fans really owe anything to the Sedins but if they want to ride out their contracts here I wouldn't even be mad, they deserve it for sure. And fans should want them here. Everyone knows the value of having pros like the Sedins in the locker room can be for a team.
  13. Thumbs way up. take it and run edit:obviously only if Hammer stays which I think wouldn't be too hard to get done
  14. so what contract would you offer him?