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  1. This fellow understood and nailed the question
  2. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    Haven't even consider this scenario, but its the more likely out come. I wonder what BUF would look for in a trade.
  3. lol Tig ol' bitties. Best name I've seen on here yet!
  4. What do the people of CDC think the direction the new GM will take on drafting? Best player available? or go the Nashville route and draft high end D?
  5. Draft 2014 - First Round Pick

    I thought Dal Colle until I watched him play on sportsnet, and he looked slow compared to other prospects.
  6. (Proposal) Offseason Plans

    I do like it though
  7. (Proposal) Offseason Plans

    A whole has to happen for that future. I cant see GMMG or a new GM being that bold.