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  1. also, this has to be the longest thread on any nhl cite lol congrats OP!
  2. wow i wonder if the players know about this thread? lol
  3. <br /><br /><br /> coudnt agree more!
  4. sweeet!! lol dindt realize. thanks!

  5. You're in the Province haha.

    "Give the guy a break, Chicago looks like Baghdad and smells like a diaper," responded jayojoker15.


  6. woudn't really call them grinders anymore but if you were to call them grinders, they'd be the best two in the league.
  7. i dont see anything....
  8. wow he looks like hes atleast 55 there.
  9. hes always talking about how he can have two camera men fighting in canada and canadians would still watch... well not surprising he's not gunna put together the best name fighters for our card knowing it will be a success regardless.
  10. chuck vs tito 3 rumoured to be scheduled for the vancouver event!
  11. http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded also talks about the 10% sold.
  12. having a partner with deep pockets also doesnt hurt.
  13. i cant wait to see wanderlei knock the f*ck out of bisbing!
  14. im prety sure ur not alloud to have tourneys like that in north america. oh man do i miss pride!!
  15. yea i now wat u mean but i still rather listen to someone who knows a bit more than him. he jus sometimes says the stupidest things and jus is annoying.. maybe its jus me lol