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  1. 1 point out of a wildcard spot!
  2. Does anyone know the name of that electronic music they kept playing in between whistles in the third period?
  3. What was the name of that techno song they played before the lat faceoff of the game?
  4. this is why we want you to take a seat Higgins, #youthmovement
  5. This is why we want you to take a seat, higgins.
  6. Good job philly. time to take out the trash. next up: RJ Umberger
  7. Nah, we have to save cap space for brent seabrook.
  8. the only question is, who on the canucks roster is sestito going to lose another fight to this time?
  9. Bieksa may want Vancouver, but Vancouver doesn't want Bieksa.
  10. No wonder why Benning gave him a 3 year contract
  11. Looks like its gonna be Ducks vs. Canucks in round 2!!
  12. I haven't been watching the canucks at all during the regular season, but have watched all games closly in the playoffs. After watching, I don't know how Vancouver made the playoffs in the first place.
  13. We knew they arent cup contenders, we just dont want them to get owned by a team like calgary
  14. Canucks game plan all night long was to shoot the puck from the point and hope that it deflects into the net or off the goalie and someone rebounds it in. Didn't even come close to working. Flames easily blocked it and sent it back down the ice. WIllie D needs to think of some new game plans.