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  1. Got to imagine Virtanen will be benched now... That was very stupid
  2. Ryan Rishaug ‏@TSNRyanRishaug 12m12 minutes ago Jared stoll and Anton khudoben on waivers A face off focused centerman who could fill in if Benning and Linden wanted to send Jared to Finland. But does he have baggage and can he still play?
  3. Has the kid line been broken after only 5 mins of ice time?Why would they be treated like a 4th line
  4. Really happy for him! I imagine if he signed that deal today with Vancouver that the fans wouldn't be too happy. Especially with a partial no trade clause. But it was just time to move on. I wish him all the best
  5. The management team must like what they see in Markstrom. Since Eddie having much more value doesn't seem to be the case
  6. Good luck Eddie. Unable to get a 2nd rounder but I imagine the management team would of left no stone unturned in trying. We can now move on and get excited for Markey and Miller
  7. I wonder if getting a few fresh players in would be considered. Depending on how long the game goes
  8. I haven't had a chance to follow any prospects that we could choose. But this seems like an exceptional point that people need to consider! Seems like lots of people like the 2 Q dman. But I would be very skeptical
  9. Ageed!!
  10. So lets say that Bo gets sent down. Would you rather have Domi stick with Arizona, giving Horvat a even bigger role with the Knights? Or have Domi sent down where the Knights will be a stronger team with a better chance at success? I've been struggling with this one a bit since they both have their advantages. I think I would want Max to stick in the NHL. Whats everyone else's opinion?
  11. Thanks for stopping by and giving your input! I feel like it was a fair trade overall and am hoping Kesler does well with the Ducks. Hopefully it can turn out to be a true win win trade situation. Good luck with the coming season
  12. Its interesting to see the diverse opinions on this trade from different sources. Some Ducks fans are screaming that they gave up Bonino and others can't believe they got Kesler for the reported trade. Seems like Canucks fans overall seem a bit disappointed for the most part, but that's because Bon is underrated by fans. My feeling is that if the opinions are so diverse it must be a pretty fair trade overall
  13. Rumblings going around the league that Torts plans to join the Calgary Flames as an assistant coach
  14. I feel the same, about being psyched regardless of who we get. Like everyone else I have an opinion on who I want but I will 100% back who ever we select. The way I look at it is that scouts have a much better look at these players than me and most of CDC. So I will be excited no matter what. I'm curious if most people share this opinion though. How many people are going to instantly put down our new prospect simply because it wasn't "their guy"
  15. Wishing Miles all the best in the OHL finals! Here's to hoping he looks 10 feet tall and bulletproof for the series