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  1. I think you're a smart person, yet here you are still using your views on life to justify acting like a condescending pos. What the hell is wrong with you? I may not agree with your opinion but I don't use that as an excuse to belittle you. Is this going to get more jpgs?
  2. Nah bro, I get what you're saying, it's just that I rarely run into people who subscribe to your line of thinking; It's an interesting perspective (which I disagree with, but you already knew that). The only difference between your smug ass and myself (the close-minded state-lover), is unlike you I don't use my views on life to justify acting like an asshole towards people who have zero impact on my life.
  3. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    Agreed, the real issue is what methods they employ to make it doable and whether or not those methods are justified.
  4. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    If anyone is twisting, it's you, taking "public complaints" and turning them into "use of force complaints". Taking drop in use of force and turning it into cops not beating people up because their buddies cant cover for them. I at no point said it's not an institutional problem, if I made any reference to the problem it was to point out that it depends on which police department you are talking about. You are painfully misinformed, and biased as hell. Have fun with your gigantic paint brush.
  5. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    There is no mention of complaints of excessive force in your source, it only indicates public complaints which include more than just complaints about use of force.
  6. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    1. Use of force covers far more than "beating people up". 2. Use of force dropping is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It's all dependent on whether or not it's justified when it happens. Now if the study could tell me if there was a reduction in inappropriate use of force incidents... Cops that don't like the idea of body cameras aren't all thugs afraid of getting found out, some feel instead their colleagues won't act as their hundreds of hours of training have dictated, instead bowing to fear of an emotionally charged public jumping on them at the first sign of any perceived misstep. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it actually is a few bad apples. For every idiot cop that gets on the news, their counterparts that do their job properly go largely unnoticed. Same as just about any other profession really (i.e. pedo teacher). As far as good cops covering for bad cops go? I agree with you there's no such thing, any cop that covers for a bad one is on the same level imo. How pervasive that problem is however varies from department to department.
  7. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    Depending on the circumstances it can in fact be extremely hard to subdue even one person.
  8. Combat Vet Beaten To Death by Five Cops

    Keep sharpening that edge bro.
  9. Chinese police to patrol Paris streets

    Sounds worse than the roma women holding tightly wrapped dolls, harassing my dad and I for money to feed their "babies".
  10. Caesar's is fantastic, would be doing so much better if they were in a location with walking traffic.
  11. Reposting this response from the Vancouver subreddit, imo it's spot on:
  12. Yep, it wasn't a black and white issue... and that's another sick joke opp. that I won't go with.
  13. Longboarding and the fuzz

    PO shouldn't have gotten so confrontational imo but otherwise I don't see much of an issue with what he did.