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  1. Who are the hotties in your sig??

  2. I'm doing fine, and muffins are gud. :)

  3. I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Do you like muffins?

  4. I love your Sid the Sloth Avatar!!!!

  5. Wow, drink some puberty milk!

  6. Cool man, you're definatly one of the fans that truely appreiciates hockey (Canucks). Hope you have a swell rest of the day.

  7. Interesting comment, 19.79 comments is not any where near a lot for some cdcers. I usually put up about 30 or so during each game, but other than that, my job has me on a computer most of the time so the more efficiently I work, the more time I have to browse. I am passionate about the Nucks and almost anything, comment, post or topic, will evoke a response from me. Cheers