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  1. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

    Lol you guys can ignore the joke- there's no reason to start a whole new sentence except as a means of throwing anger at me I don't deserve.
  2. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

    ... to ya knock knock open up the door it's real with the non-stop pop-pop and stainless steel
  3. Mafia - General Discussion

    @simon.delaat@gmail.com sign up imo
  4. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    I'm not following you. You've just been paranoid ever since they put that chip in your brain. Have you ever felt, in a metaphorical sense, that you're stuck in a labyrinth?
  5. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  6. And answer the above person's question. If you could meet any historical figure for dinner, who would it be and why?
  7. confessions

    I can't see myself ever pushing 80.
  8. confessions

    I still don't know what yeet means.
  9. Ask Cramarossa Anything

    Thank you. That's one of the most tender things someone's ever said about my writing. I hope the breakup wasn't too rough.
  10. Ask Cramarossa Anything

    What do you think of my poem? Let this be a mystery For you and I to know the answer. It’s happiness in misery: The silence I've learned to master. Before we met I was incomplete With vices and habits of shame. It was I whom I needed to beat And myself the sole one to blame. For all of what I made you see, The worst words of my tongue, My dumb mistakes and saddest pleas, In your head I’m always strung. And I will live long, thinking Of love as strong as I knew, The days when I was drinking And I was thinking of you. I had none and you were light, So I gave to you what I thought was right. And when one day we could not chatter, Those few months, the world was shattered. But changes are life’s painful course, And today it gives me raw remorse; As then I was one who did not know, It's a hardened, heavy heart I tow. You were right, and so was I The day you praised me for my mind. But I took from your words more than was sent Because of my feelings and how they were bent. If I were to write down my love, I would make talk of derangement, So I will go, now, like a dove For our eternal estrangement.
  11. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  12. Stay in a licensed hotel instead of hurting our rental market by using Airbnb, please.
  13. Mafia - General Discussion

    good start guys keep up the pressure; it's what we need to start games
  14. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  15. Mafia - General Discussion