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  1. I'm expecting Demko to be our clear #1 for at least the next decade now.

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    2. luckylager


      As a scenario, coastal. Don't be mud

    3. coastal.view


      since you feel i should interpret your posts

      i'll do so in future

      but what vegas showed us

      is that it will take draft picks to achieve the outcome you want

      and it won't be a low rounder

      i doubt that investment is worth keeping both goalies safe from the expansion draft

    4. luckylager


      Guess that depends how much value you place on legit keepers.

      Just think of the assets you'd have to give up to trade for a one of our keepers.


      But it is a fair way off, not much to worry about yet.

  2. Strictly confidential.
  3. 210 - last things you try to mouth before you realize the anaesthesia didn't work and they're going to do surgery on you while you're conscious but frozen.
  4. The Holy Bible, King James Version and going through shakespeare seriously for the first time
  5. I think it's relevant to the discussion on whether or not Bertuzzi should be honoured.
  6. wow these jerseys are great

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    2. luckylager



      The white collar makes it look like their heads are sticking out of a toilet bowl ffs.



    3. Squamfan


      why fix something if something is not broken. these were perfectimage.png.87322eb95c526a77aba231a055008c1a.png

    4. #Canucks


      @Squamfan those jersey are awesome!

  7. It really hurts that my favourite player as a child's legacy is a disgusting sucker punch. No one's ever going to bring his name up again without it digressing into what he did to Moore. I don't understand how people try to justify it or mitigate Bertuzzi's blame. I was 8 years old when it happened, and some of what I read here aligns remarkably well with what my thought was then. I just couldn't accept that my hero had done something terrible- so Moore must have deserve it, it was everyone else's fault for jumping on the pile, etc.. I'm so glad I've gotten out of that way of thinking since then, but it's fascinating to see so many others who haven't whenever the topic is brought up. Todd did wrong.
  8. I am still disgusted every time I read someone insulting Hossa over his medical retirement. It's like- how would you like it if you developed an invisible illness that forced you out of the work you've been doing your whole life and then thousands of people on the internet started acting like they know more about your health than you + your doctor?