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  1. can we PLEASE get my reputation up to 6,969 then i'll have really made it just like @Sultan of Sarcasm
  2. @Master Radishes - you're always my beloved historian. I hope you are writing about me in your journals. They have value for the future generations.
  3. Work on your edgework, kid. Watch Sidney.
  4. by the way, guys-- i once took one of those 'dark triad' tests i maxed machiavellianism/diplomacy got 50% on the narcissism/ego bit and i got 0% on sadism that's why i'm legend.
  5. I accept it. Developmental disorders are the only true ones, sorry to say. The others are psychopathy and cowardice imo.
  6. Sure. That's your new title. It's a big one to carry. Good luck.
  7. My favourite one-liner: 'Do I look like I have money?' I have never had a dollar in my life. That's why I'm wealthy.
  8. bro if you can find me somewhere to stay safe, i'd appreciate it. i'm just going to be on granville panhandling a bit, then i'm hitting up the bar near my intersection, maybe. i'm good on my own once tuesday comes around. don't go out of your way to do anything for me. i'm a big boy.
  9. Insult me again. I don't care about a bad reputation on here because eventually it becomes a good one in all places. If Elias wants to win this city a Cup, he'll suck up the hits and learn to skate like a ballerina. End rant.
  10. If nobody listens to any other word I says here: MAKE ELIAS GET SID TO TEACH HIM EDGEWORK. get'r done, coach, wherever you are.

  11. @g_bassi13 - you're still my favourite basketball, player.
  12. hey bro I was there don't forget me, ever
  13. I have two warning points in ten years, myself.
  14. There's more than a chance. There's history, man. Go out and &^@#ing make it.
  15. wat of course I'm okay I still have all my fingers and toes never had a ring nor piercing nor tattoo scars only, but more so blisters with time call me legend, call me titan, call me good for it I take my inspiration from Trevor Linden who screamed like hell through his pains and then walked into the dressing room like nothing happened that's who* I look up to because he gave me his rookie card *whom
  16. We're bringing this great city another Cup, whether you guys are up for it or not. Get on my back, boys.

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