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  1. Try it and you'll see for yourself :P

  2. Ha, I wouldn't try that if I were you.

  3. Good point. I guess I'm safe? :)

  4. Well I better hide.

  5. You scared me. I thought you were gonna bully me.

  6. I kinda like my hair though... :(

  7. hmmm... Maybe if I get a mohawk?

  8. On what...? *raises eyebrow*

  9. Ohh... Am I cool too?

  10. Lol. I can be a bully if I need to. ;)

  11. Lol, should I be worried about getting bullied than?

  12. Okay, but you'll be bullied if you count like that... :(

  13. No, it's one one two three one four seven.

  14. eighty-five million.

  15. Where's my cookie?

  16. I have no idea... I guess I'm just weird?

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, my Internet Connection was down. >.>

  17. You're welcome! :)