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  1. Work on your edgework, kid. Watch Sidney.
  2. I accept it. Developmental disorders are the only true ones, sorry to say. The others are psychopathy and cowardice imo.
  3. Sure. That's your new title. It's a big one to carry. Good luck.
  4. Insult me again. I don't care about a bad reputation on here because eventually it becomes a good one in all places. If Elias wants to win this city a Cup, he'll suck up the hits and learn to skate like a ballerina. End rant.
  5. If nobody listens to any other word I says here: MAKE ELIAS GET SID TO TEACH HIM EDGEWORK. get'r done, coach, wherever you are.

  6. @g_bassi13 - you're still my favourite basketball, player.
  7. hey bro I was there don't forget me, ever
  8. I have two warning points in ten years, myself.
  9. There's more than a chance. There's history, man. Go out and &^@#ing make it.
  10. wat of course I'm okay I still have all my fingers and toes never had a ring nor piercing nor tattoo scars only, but more so blisters with time call me legend, call me titan, call me good for it I take my inspiration from Trevor Linden who screamed like hell through his pains and then walked into the dressing room like nothing happened that's who* I look up to because he gave me his rookie card *whom
  11. We're bringing this great city another Cup, whether you guys are up for it or not. Get on my back, boys.

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